Tuesday, January 5, 2021

TNT: Promises Kept


I said I was going to do it and I have. I started that Vintage Avon crewel pillow cover. Yesterday I learned the split stitch.

I was so fired up by it I even got one more 10 by 10 block across the lawn finished. I now have one more shrub.

Since the scroll frame was empty I decided to roll this old WIP onto it. I am not sure if I will get much done on it in the near future....

...because I am still working on the Winter Patchwork project. I've got two evergreens now but I have to say that giant squirrel has me wondering. 


  1. Love, love them all. The crewel kit is familiar to me somehow. I must have seen it in a catalog or something.
    I want to work on the sheep virtues but my thumb/wrist is really hurting today. I did crochet a few rows and that wasn't too bad but knitting is out for now. Boo!
    Take care Debbie.

  2. The squirrel looks big enough to eat the house. LOL

    Avon as in the cosmetic company?

  3. Nice projects! The squirrel is so cute - they always seem out of proportion (to my eye). That crewel pillow will be beautiful!

  4. That squirrel is obviously a patron of Squirrelington's! They've gotten quite large here since I started feeding them.

  5. Nice to have the variety of samplers to work on! I'm glad you've brought back the sheep sampler!

  6. I think you’re going to enjoy the crewel project. I still display and use one I made in the 80s. Whoa, that is definitely a giant squirrel.

  7. Love your crewel project! And thanks for reminding me to work on my stitchery WIPs. How is it I have so many WIPs of all types?