Saturday, January 2, 2021



I don't usually make any resolutions but this year I am in need. Maybe it's not an actual resolution. Maybe it's just my adopted word. What ever it is I need to do it. I had to buy a super soft toothbrush and a mouth guard in order to possibly have some teeth left by 2022. 

I worked off some stress yesterday taking care of the holiday decor. 

I made short work of the little tree.

The cookie tins were emptied and washed. Note to self: We really don't eat the cookies. Stop making so many.

We had 5 big boxes of  Christmas stuff in the downstairs closet. Now we only have 3. I was brutal at tossing. I did not toss this box of uber vintage stuff. That's the cellophane wreath that hung on my great grandmother's door when I was a tot. It still works. 

I didn't toss Dad's latch hook rugs either. I don't put them out anymore because...cats but I can't part with them. Aren't they beautiful? He loved making them.

How about a New Year's miracle? We got the Escape back on New Year's Eve. It only cost us a small fortune to have it towed from the dealer but it was worth it for the peace of mind.

Miracle aside I started the New Year off on the completely wrong foot when I forgot to add any black eyed peas to my last grocery order. The soonest we could get anything was on Monday so it's Chinese takeout for the next few days. I've been eating black eyed peas on New Year's Day for luck all my life so it's going to
be an interesting year. 
Unclench. Unclench. Unclench and will all be okay. Right?



  1. It will. It WILL all be okay. (At least that is what I keep repeating to myself with the hopes that it will at least be OKAY-er on Jan. 20.

    Loved the cat with the clenched teeth. Coincidence? I bought an uber-soft tooth brush today too.

  2. I had never heard of black-eyed peas until this year and now everyone is talking about them! Obviously I've never eaten them either. Are they really good? Is that why everyone eats them?

    I'm glad you kept all of the vintage things and the latch hook rugs too. I think you would really kick yourself later if you had gotten rid of them, don't you?
    Relax, take some deep breaths and enjoy that take-out. We don't get it much anymore do we?

  3. Glad the car is back safely! I need to put away decorations, too. Blah. The hooked rugs by your dad are such a treasure!

  4. Maybe NOT eating the peas will bring you MORE luck (they obviously didn't help in 2020)

  5. I think maybe no peas this year will be a good sign, I mean you ate them last year and it will be a year we will never forget. I love the thought of unclench, letting go, staying loose, going with the flow. So not me but maybe I need to work on it. By the ay I have a nightguard and soft toothbrush myself. Happy New Year.

  6. I keep forgetting to start the black-eyed peas tradition. Maybe next year!
    I can see why you are holding onto the rugs your dad hooked.

  7. Black-eyed peas were the tradition when I was growing up. Also, the first person to walk through the door had to be a dark-haired man - my Mom used to send my Dad around the neighborhood to fulfill that one!
    Today my job will be to undecorate the tree. Since the temperature is mild I'll air out the house as well.
    I love your Dad's latch hook work! Such happy faces - they really are so adorable!

  8. My mom had the exact cellophane wreath - actually four of them. They were hung in the living room windows for many years.

  9. Hope the unclenching is working for you! Glad you got your car back! Those are some beautiful hooked rugs! :)