Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Year in Puzzles


I don't have room upstairs for a full sized puzzle while I am making soap but I really missed working on one after dinner. I still have a few of those teeny tiny ones so I cleared off a little spot on the kitchen table and got started again. 

Before I did that I took inventory of all the ones I have already done. Since the pandemic started I've done 13 of the little things. 

I did spring puzzles when the pandemic was a novelty. Everyone was safe at home baking bread and nesting.

I did summer puzzles when it looked like things were getting better and we had hope we could beat this thing.

I did fall puzzles when all of a sudden things started looking bleak again.  Friends and family started dying. By the time I pulled out the Christmas puzzles we had a full blown catastrophe on our hands-again.

I am going to pack all those puzzles up along with my Covid numbers notebook as souvenirs of the year that wasn't. Sometimes I can't believe this is all really happening. I can't wait until it's a bad memory. We pre-registed for our shots through the health department on Tuesday but they say it could be months before we get them due to the short supply.

As for that puzzle....I am a sorter. I sort everything out by color or pattern before I get started. 

The Mister likes to lay them all out and look for shapes. I think that's grounds for divorce. Maybe not but it's why he has his puzzle downstairs and I have mine upstairs. 


  1. I do puzzles like the Mister. :-) Mandy and Piper have been busy doing puzzles during this time too, as well as many of my friends here. They pass the puzzles around to each other by leaving them on porches.
    Dennis has been approved for the vaccine because he just turned 65 last week and he's an essential worker. But we can't find anywhere to get an appointment that has any vaccine left. My cardiologist wants me to get it ASAP, but apparently my pacemaker and several heart conditions aren't on the state of Washington's list of approved heart conditions, (of which there are only 3!)
    A good friend who has no health issues and is younger than me has already gotten it because she has a friend who works for an office that got them. She just showed up and they gave it to her! That doesn't seem quite right to me.
    This whole distribution process seems messed up to me.

  2. I like your year in review through puzzles! I do puzzles mostly like your husband but then the color to whittle down the hunt! I do not sort-I lay them all out, too!

  3. I think I like your method for doing puzzles! I don't do jigsaws but am more into crosswords. Anything that keeps us thinking!

  4. Almost a year now...hardly seems like it is possible. We do what we have to do:)

  5. I love puzzles and do many simple ones wit the kids I work with. It always amazes me how they organize them, some by color, others by shape. Some create the border and work inward, others by an area in the puzzle and out from there. It is great for fine motor skills, processing and focus. No chance for vaccines here yet.
    Have fun and stay safe.

  6. You've done 13 more puzzles than I have! My sister is the puzzle person in our family.

  7. I do puzzles the same way Mister does. Lol.

  8. I've got Fireman doing paint by numbers! thank God he' s liking it. HE just got his third to paint, today. His first was from a family photo, the second was a boat/water scene , this next one is a cabin on a lake with a loon in the evening.