Friday, January 15, 2021

Knit News

This bundle of wool is Altheda. Thanks to all the stress knitting I did this week I only have a few more inches in the body until I get to do the bottom hem which is not ribbing for a most welcome change. 

Festive Doodle looks like this. I'm at the part of the yoke where there are way too many stitches on the needle so it's a real slog. I only have the attention span for one row a day right now. The good news is that I have only 5 rows until I separate for the arms.  

My Thermal Mitts are growing-slowly. I rushed through the other pair thinking I was going to gift them but when I went to mail them I discovered I had no ink in the printer for a shipping label so I am waiting for a cartridge. Our Covid numbers are so terrible I'm not going into the Post Office for any reason. My little zipcode has had about 40 cases a week lately. I chart the numbers every day and I'm shocked.  

On the sock front I've got this Pairfect pair going. Once again I am disappointed. It looks nothing like the ball band photo. One of my favorite pod-casters is knitting with the same yarn and said the same thing about her pair. It's seems the color calibration is off somewhere. The contrast is barely noticeable in the jacquard areas. 

At least my rainbow Felicis are making me happy. Who doesn't like plain old stripes?


  1. You're sure getting a lot done on the knitting front. Your colorwork is always astounding to me. So beautiful. I like the Pairfect socks but it would be disappointing to not have them what you expected.
    I finished the Sheep Virtues just a few minutes ago but decided I wanted to outline the sheep with a strand of dark brown. They just seem to blend into the cream aida cloth. So I guess I'm NOT done with them. And that's a good thing because now I can work on them for awhile yet. They make me smile. :-)
    Keep knitting Debbie. Things will get better. The vaccine is on it's way. I hope.

  2. I love seeing all your projects! It would make me crazy to have so many projects in process, but it does seem to work well for you.

  3. Even if the blue yarn doesn't look like it was supposed to, it is pretty! I love the mitts!

  4. I guess quality control at the PAIR-fect factory is not so perfect. It will be interesting to see if my other skeins are as annoying as the first one. Yours still look pretty though.

    I love that second sweater. The colors are beautiful.

  5. Your do a fabulous job knitting sweaters! I’m always impressed with the color work.

  6. So great to view all your projects - I can barely keep up with one but that's ok! Your colorwork always intrigues me because it's something I have never gotten the hang of but watching yours grow is enough satisfaction for me!

  7. Felici is so much fun.
    I slogged through the front bands on Paisley's hoodie last night, so I feel your "TOO LONG!!!" pain. Only five more rows! you can do it!

  8. Wow, you have some nice projects going. Love the colors of Festive Doodle.