Thursday, January 14, 2021

Forty Six


On Tuesday I posted about my edge dilemma with the vintage Avon crewel project and so many of you commented that I should sew another edge around it. I could....but I can't. That material is 46 years old according to the 1974 copyright on the pattern. It's very fragile. I'd be afraid to do anything to it.

I've been watching episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show while I stitch on it so I thought I'd have some fun and do some research on 1974.

The number one show? All in the Family of course. Mary was only halfway through her seven year run in 1974.

The number one movie? I'd have never guessed this. I don't think I've seen it. Not in the theater anyway. 

The number one song? The Way We Were by Barbara Streisand. This one floored me. It was the 70's for crying out loud. Babs beat out The Jackson 5, Elton John, Abba and Aretha Frankin. Wow. 

This was the number one book. It beat out Jaws which was number 3. I did read Jaws. I didn't read this one although I learned it was made into a mini series that I've never heard of. 

So...that's why I am treading so carefully with this little Avon kit. It holds a lot of history. 

And to think I only ever thought of Avon as making these. My mom always had a drawer full of them.


  1. I loved those little lipstick samples. My mom always gave me hers too. I'm sure I looked pretty awful in some of those colors.

  2. That was a fun read.. my mom was always buying an Avon sales kit and then she never sold anything and used all the samples.. so it was a deja vu thing for me to see all those little sample lipsticks. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I gasped when I saw those lipsticks. My Mom always had a little green box full of them too. I hadn't thought of them for years. I actually got tears in my eyes. Memories, and ALL good. I had a GREAT Mom.
    Those photos were all like a trip down memory lane. In 1974 I was 14 years old. We got married in 1978. I remember everything on that list.

  4. What a great read! I was seventeen in 1974 and I remember all this too! Smiled when I saw those lipstick samples. My mom had quite a few of them.
    I have been browsing Amazon for an embroidery kit. Used to do that in my early years of marriage. Seeing yours has kick-started me into wanting to try this again!

  5. What a hoot!! for the record, I don't think I ever had any of those little lipsticks...and my Mom didn't either. But I sure remember buying other cosmetics from department stores.

  6. Oh! So much good stuff in this post!! I've been diving into some of the great old shows, too - Mary Tyler Moore and the first Bob Newhart Show! Amazing how well they hold up because there are some shows from that era that are truly cringe-worthy. I read the first chapter of Jaws and that was quite enough for me; great writing but just too too creepy! And the Avon lipstick samples!! They were such a prize!

  7. OMG - those little lipsticks made me laugh. When I was around 8 (about 1987), someone my grandpa knew gave me a giant bag of them! I was in heaven! My mother was not as thrilled - there was lipstick EVERYWHERE!!!

  8. Yes a little green box of those lipsticks in all samples from the Avon Lady. Fun memories...oh I loved Centennial I read the books and watched the of my favorites:) You have quite a problem with how to finish that piece.

  9. Fun post! I brought back lots of memories, that's for sure. I loved reading Centennial and enjoyed Jaws as well, but it seems a bit like yesterday...

  10. I loved those lipsticks so much!! my mom had them too!!! You keep that special needlework!!! you are connected to it

  11. Oh, '74 was my year-graduation, seeing the Way We Were movie....and when I saw the pic of the lipstick-I could smell them! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!