Thursday, January 7, 2021

Cabin Fever


This is the time of year that we usually get out and get some work done in the yard. We did get the outside lights down while dodging rain drops.

January and February are usually when we work on getting all those trees cut up but it's been too wet. The place is a muddy mess. Nothing has frozen. 

We get a few days of winter weather and then it gets warm and rains and rains and rains. Our little creek is happy.  I'm not. 

It's not like we need more wood. We've got more than enough.

All that wood has sprouted fungus. It's pretty but kind of creepy.

Look what else is sprouting. My entire front bed has come alive with all of my spring bulbs. Everything is  coming up. 

Even the Black-Eyed Susans are awake. It's crazy out there. 


  1. Everything is crazy everywhere and I'm not talking about just the weather. Stay safe over there near DC my friend.
    But talking of the weather. Our 12+ inches of snow from last week is long gone. It's rained every day since and I hear it falling on the roof now. I'm not complaining. I'd much rather have rain than snow any day, especially living here, but it does get dreary.

  2. We are still in cabin fever time here, and that is not a complaint! The trees are decked in ice and the ground is covered in snow. It is beautiful!

  3. Lots of rain here, too, but the sun does come out occasionally, and then we go for a walk!

  4. My gardens are still pretty green. Its hovering just above freezing here.

  5. oh, dear! It's not good when bulbs wake up too soon! I'm sorry for the season of between seasons when it's supposed to be winter!

  6. My black-eyed Susans are still a mushy mess of old leaves, but we have some bulbs popping up too.

  7. But, wait. Deb. It was in the 70s you said mid November. You only get 6 weeks of winter. ? I'm moving. Your flowers are coming up? It will be months before we see flowers. I love seeing yours. Glad you got the lights down.