Saturday, January 30, 2021

Oh, My.....


Remember my wonderful thrummed mittens I made from a kit many years ago? I loved them. They were so soft and warm. Every time I put them on they made me happy. Well.......

This is what they look like now. The Mister thought it was a good idea to toss them in the wash with the rest of my clothes yesterday.

This is what the warm fluffy insides used to look like. say I cried about it was an understatement. I bawled like a baby-for hours. The Mister felt terrible but I couldn't help it. It was like losing a friend. Two friends to be exact.

That wasn't all. He also tossed in a pair of my socks. 

Happily I got those stretched back out. They are crispy now but wearable.

I have no idea why he suddenly took it upon himself to do my laundry in the first place but it sure taught me not to lay my woolly things anywhere near my laundry basket. I have a bad habit of laying my outerwear on top until I put it away. I should have known better because this isn't the first time he's done this. See that sweater? That's my very first colorwork project from back in the 80's. It was made with acrylic since that's all you could get at department stores in those days. He threw it in the wash which was fine but the dryer melted it. It now has the texture of a pot scrubber. I still have it. It does make a good snow sweater as it's practically waterproof. 


  1. Oh NOOOOOOO! I feel your pain. I won't name who, but a relative did that to a hat of mine years and years ago. It was my first "real" wool project. I was heartbroken. See, I really do understand and I'm so sorry. About all of them, but at least the socks were salvagable. :-). Hide all of your knitwork when the clothes washing bug hits him.

  2. Did you see the mittens that a woman made for Bernie Sanders? They were made out of old sweaters I think. Could you make "waterproof" mittens out of your old sweater? I am not a knitter so I have no clue, really.

  3. My husband was told 40 some years ago to keep his blankety blank hands off the laundry...he washed and dried my white work shirts and then smashed them down in the laundry basket flat and wrinkled I don't swear often but I did that day and then cried...he still doesn't touch laundry unless it is to carry his away or fold his socks that I deposit on the dining room table. :)

  4. Oh, no! That's really hard to see! Throw them out and make another pair--I hate to hang on to reminders like that! lol

  5. Sigh! I remember those mittens. Maybe you should hide your laundry basket?

  6. Really what can anyone say after this tragedy. Why, oh why don't they leave things alone? I guess they think they are helping but nope it ends up a disaster. Sending you knitting love from afar.

  7. Oh no!
    Dave and I each do our own laundry. ONce he decided to be "helpful" and throw my clothes in the dryer for me. I had a couple dresses in there that could go through the machine, but not the dryer... I was VERY upset. And he should know better - he started doing his own laundry in the first place because his mother was convinced EVERYTHING had to be washed in the hottest water possible, and on the hottest dryer setting. She shrunk so much of his clothing, it's not funny.

  8. You might need some more time out of the house...maybe a drive around.You won't be around any people in your car. Go somewhere you want to see how it is doing. Make a sandwich , or if you are eating at drive thru get one, go sit my the water and watch the waves or a park and watch the people if you like to people watch.