Friday, January 29, 2021

Straightening Up


Once upon a time I used to get a card making kit every month. I have three that I barely opened that needed to be sorted out.

I've got 12 boxes all dedicated to the month they arrived in and I keep putting the stuff from any new additions in those monthly boxes. It's not fancy but it works.

The kits were fun for a while but I'm done buying them. I've got too much stuff in the downstairs craft room as it is. 

I also don't have any reason to be making cards at the moment. Instead, I am just doodling with ink and watercolor whenever I have the need to be creative....which to tell you the truth isn't very often these days.

More often than not I'm just copying a page from one of my coloring books and slopping some watercolor around. The artsy side of my brain seems to have taken a long vacation. I think we could all use a long vacation right about now. 


  1. My brain has taken a break but I think it's because of inactivity. It seems so strange when I actually see another human besides Dennis. Putting the kits in the corresponding box is a great idea.
    Take care and stay safe.

  2. Yes, I look at my watercolors everyday and tell them, 'Soon....'

  3. I think as we get more daylight, we will all feel a bit better and a bit more crafty. The early dark sort of saps creative energy.

  4. I'm trying to reduce all of my stashes of stuff, so I can relate!

  5. Deb, I sent you a audio link because Im having a hard time posting it. Presumptuous? Hope not.
    I love your doodles, coloring , photos, messes, clean ups, home remodels..I love it all. Vacation? A national park trip for sure!