Saturday, January 16, 2021

Back in Business


I finally finished the Nutcracker puzzle The Mister had started before Christmas. It was a real doozy. I brought it upstairs and put it on a table I had brought in off the deck so I could get it done and he could start another one on his table. It's all packed up now because I needed the table for..................

........making soap. My shelves are bare. Even my personal collection of reject bars is running out. I can't even imagine using store soap so I knew I had better make some more asap. It takes 6 weeks to cure at the least. 

I had some natural cocoa butter to use up and it smells just like chocolate so I added a splash of lavender and made some Chocolate Lavender soap. 

I know that combination sounds kind of awful but it barely smells like anything. I'm still a big fan of less is more when it comes to scents. 


  1. Chocolate lavender? Two of my favorite scents? I think it sounds heavenly and it looks like neopolitan ice cream! Yum.

  2. It's very pretty with those sparkly swirls.

  3. I do so love your soap! And I am definitely with you on less is more with the scents. I have one last little bit of soap from you that is my absolute favorite-- I think it was oatmeal vanilla or honey? So subtle. Glad you and the Mister are staying healthy and sane!!

  4. Your soaps are always amazing! That puzzle looks really tough; congrats on finishing it.

  5. Yay! The Saponificator is back in the lab!
    I used your soap in my shower today! Delightful!