Monday, February 1, 2021



So we are on month two of this year and I already have two pairs of socks in the 2021 gift box. Hopefully this pair will join them soon. 

The twofers should be in there soon also. They are in their un-joined state now because I hate turning the heel when they are on the same needle. I'll put them back together as soon as I get that done. 

In Stupid Knitters News here's my impulse order of Bernie yarn. Knit Picks got it here in record time but my Bernie mittens mojo has worn off.

I got this far on my first one and remembered how much I hate making mittens in colorwork. Too darn fiddly. Mittens are useless to me unless they are knit in Lopi, lined or thrummed. I hate cold hands. 

Speaking of cold hands, we did get some of the nice, white fluffy stuff yesterday. It wasn't the big blizzard we were hoping for but it'll do. Any time you get to sweep instead of shovel is the right amount for me. 


  1. I was thinking about your when I saw the snow on the news in D.C. I thought, "Debbie will be happy!"
    I've always wondered how you did heels with magic loop and could never figure it out so I just stuck to my dpn's.
    Take care and stay warm.

  2. Both socks are so cheerful and fun. Your Bernie mitts may be fiddly, but they sure are nice. I hope you finish them.

  3. Well, it wasn't a foot of snow but it did snow! The mittens are beautiful, though. I always liked that kind over a pair of the cheap $1 a pair stretch gloves-then it was warm enough!

  4. I can't believe how different you Pair-fect socks look from the skein I'm working on. I have MUCH, MUCH more of the solid color. On the foot the solid color starts right after the end of the arch of Steve's foot. Yours look much better.

    Glad you got a bit of the white stuff. We got about 6" or so and now I think it is actually raining.

  5. We got quite a bit of snow over the weekend. I had to snowblow twice and then my son came home later and had to shovel a third time due to blowing and drifting!
    Stay safe and cozy!

  6. A good amount of snow here and still coming! The colors of your socks are so bright and happy - Just what I needed this morning!

  7. The socks are looking good! I’m glad you got some actual snow even though it’s less than anticipated. Bitter cold is predicted here at the end of the week, probably too cold for snow though.

  8. Pretty socks! Enjoy your bit of snow:)

  9. Deb, originally i thought, of course I can crank out some Bernie mittens. Glad I didn't. I forgot they are fiddly. I think bernie's were not actually knit, but sewn together from thrift sweaters that had felted? Unsure. Thought I heard that though. Happy lil snow. we are wondering where we can put what is to fall in another few days. Some of the saturday/sunday new 6 inches has compressed a bit and melted some. But there is a lot out there. I like winter to be snowy, so Im good.