Sunday, February 21, 2021

Little House


Ordinarily I love winter and I love snow but this year I am over it. We've had several days of something that looks like snow but isn't. It's no fun and I can't stand being cooped up. I was feeling so sorry for myself the other day that I went and bought myself a present. 

Two presents actually. I bought a collection of the The Little House books and ....

....and a single copy of The Long Winter because it wasn't included and it's my favorite. 

The illustrations threw me for a loop though. They are in color. 

This is how I am used to seeing them but I adjusted just fine and read through half the first book the day they arrived. 

I already owned several of the books from when the kids were little but they are so tattered and torn that the pages are falling out. Nothing puts an end to a pity party faster than taking a trip back in time to when folks had it really rough. Sure, we have a pandemic raging out there and the weather is miserable but at least we don't have to take a gun to fetch water from the creek every morning while looking up in the trees for panthers. 


  1. I love, love, love those books. I read them SO many times in elementary school and actually wore a set out that I got from the place you could order books at school from. Scholar...something or other.
    So when I was in middle school I got the complete set for Christmas one year. I was ecstatic. I gave that set to Piper last year and I can't wait to read them with her.

    1. Me too.Still re-read them at 61years old, and read them all to my daughter as she was growing up. They are now falling apart. Not sure what I think about the coloured illustrations; think I prefer the black and white.

  2. I remember reading all of those when I was a kid.

  3. The Little House books were the best! I ate them up when I was little. Enjoy every second reading them.

  4. I think a lot of people are re-reading favorite books - one of my friends is reading "All Creatures Great and Small" again and another is reading the Jan Karon series. I think comfort is the order of the day!

  5. I've just been telling myself... at least I'm not in Texas!!!

  6. One snow storm is all it takes for me to be ready for spring! Enjoy your books. I just read Fever which is about Typhoid Mary and very interesting.

  7. Oh, what a good remedy for you! Nothing like a good visit with the Wilder family!

  8. Yes it could be worse, I would have made an awful pioneer woman:)