Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Little Wood Work


We've still got piles and piles of wood outside so when a relative of The Mister said she needed some for her fireplace we flew into action. This is only one of the four giant piles we have so we are very eager to give it away.

This is one of two giant logs we still have out there from the big deforestation project of a few years ago. We didn't saw them up as we planned because the wood will keep better in the log than if we split it. I hate seeing those trees just laying in my side yard but we just can't burn any of it fast enough. 

Right before the snow began to fly again here The Mister split up a big pile along with some kindling.

We stacked the little truck full and off we went to deliver it to her.

We made a nice little stack at the back at her driveway so when she got home from work it would be there. It felt good to get some of that wood gone. It means were are this much closer to being able to get those trees up and I can't wait to be able to replant that side of the yard again.  


  1. How wonderful that you can help The Misters relative heat her home with wood you want to get rid of anyway. And delivered and stacked too! That's quite a deal! Is it as cold there as it is everywhere else? I can't wait for some warmth. Our water source is frozen here at the park and the maintenance guy won't be back until Tuesday.
    Dennis is hoping to thaw it tomorrow, but with lows in the single digits, I don't know what good it will do. Meanwhile we borrowed 3 five gallon camping jugs from friends and we hauled water tonight so we can have showers tomorrow. :-)

  2. What a blessing for the Mister’s relative!

  3. My goodness! That looks like a lot of work!

  4. I'm sorry but I love the idea of splitting all of that wood--it looks like top shape for her to burn-how wonderful for both of you that you can meet this need!

  5. I'm sure your relative will really appreciate the wood.

  6. Seeing all that wood just brings back childhood trauma of having to help my dad split and stack wood... ok, it wasn't really traumatic... but I HATED it!

  7. Splitting those logs is hard work! We have been cutting down insect infested Pine trees. They are old and the holes are everywhere on them. I think we have taken nearly 20 down since we got here 4 years ago. Your neighbor is so so lucky to have you!!!!

  8. That is so nice to give her all that precious wood. She will be delighted.