Monday, February 8, 2021

A Super Sunday


Well, my plans sure got upended yesterday. I was hoping to lay out my snowflake quilt but this is what I woke up to. No chance of a nice clean floor. It'll have to wait. 

The snow was beautiful so I am not complaining. It wasn't even very cold. All the same it meant bean soup in the slow cooker. This is my new little one I just got last week. The Mister and I don't do big batches anymore. Life is too short for leftovers. 

If it's Superbowl Sunday it's shrimp for The Mister. He sautes them with bbq sauce. Between the soup and the shrimp the house smelled wonderful all day. 

Dinner wasn't anything too special this year with that pick up and delivery thing going on but I still had some fresh Brussels sprouts and a block of tofu for me to broil. It wasn't fancy but it was all good. 

I spent the day puttering. I cleaned up the yarn stash a bit and straightened up the sewing room but mostly I worked on my puzzle. It's done. 

After dinner I started another of my teeny tiny ones. 

But what made the day really super was finally getting to meet this guy. This is the new Baby Grand that was born in December and it was our first family Zoom with him. The sweet little thing gurgled and smiled for us as if on cue. Seeing all the Grands together was really wonderful. Snow and the Grands on the same day. Who could ask for anything better. 


  1. Aah, a wonderful day indeed! Such a beautiful grandchild. And snow too. You hit the jackpot.
    I usually make an entire crockpot full of soups, stews, etc. Then I freeze the leftovers. Dennnis loves leftovers even better than the first time. Last night I made a homemade chicken pot pie and he'll take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Tonight I made mexican pizza and those will be for Tuesday! Easy lunches. :-)
    Have a great day tomorrow my friend and I'm so happy you got to see that precious baby and the other grands too.

  2. How wonderful-he looks like a very happy guy! I'm glad you had a good, no, super day!

  3. Snow & Grands = perfection!! I love broiled Brussels tasty!

  4. Roasted Brussel sprouts are almost like candy to me - yummy! How wonderful you were able to “talk” to the newest Grand. I hope you’re able to cuddle with him soon.

  5. What a wonderful day! What a sweet little face - nothing better than grandchildren in my book! I don't know why I didn't think of crockpot cooking - we have about 18" of snow in my area so that crockpot is coming out today!

  6. Awesome. We have a small slow cooker too. It does just enough stew for the two of us for one dinner and lunch the next day. It's perfect!

  7. What a great post . The grand is the BEST!!!! I don't make big batches of anything either. Idont mind a leftover for one night, but not more than that!

  8. We woke up to snow this morning, too, but you got more than we did and it's all melted now. Those shrimp sure look yummy! Congrats on the newest Grand!

  9. Perfect when you get to see a new baby, I hope you can cuddle him in person sometime soon!

  10. That last photos says it all, so much to be thankful for. And those eyes! WOW!