Sunday, February 7, 2021

Getting to Know You


In order to stay away from other people we've been discovering all kinds of nooks in crannies in the area near our house. 

We've never even been to the Marina down the street in all the years we've lived here because we don't have a boat. Being the off season it's a wonderfully deserted wonderland of everything nautical. We wander among the big boats that have been pulled out of the water discussing their merits like we know what we are talking about. We don't. 

For about 20 years we've said we were going to rent one of the canoes and take it out but we never have. This is a close to them as we have ever gotten. I never even knew where the boat ramps are. I do now. 

We walked up to the door of the marina and discovered it costs $1900 a year to dock a boat here. That seems reasonable. This is the slip I want. It has the best view of the Chesapeake Bay that begins under the bridge. I get seasick so I really just want to sit on my boat in my slip and watch the world go by. 

From this spot you can even see all the crab boats unloading right behind you. Now I just need to convince The Mister we need a boat. 

Until that happens I guess I'll just sit here and work on my puzzle. I've almost got this one beat. One bowl of pink left and it's history. 


  1. What a fun post Debbie. I have never gotten seasick. Once Dennis, the kids and I were camping on the Oregon coast. We decided to take a whale watching cruise out of Depoe Bay. There were lots of whales so we decided to go again since there was room on the next tour. Mandy was seasick so stayed behind on the dock and read a book. The next casualty was Alex. He "fed the fish" as they say! :-) I wanted to go again but everyone else was done. The water WAS choppy. The captain told me that if you ride three paid tours in a row without getting sick you could go on as many free as you wanted the next two days. I was outvoted.
    Then, when I went on a cruise to Mexico, Honduras and Belize with Nita, we had REALLY bad weather crossing the Gulf of Mexico. They cancelled dinner service, etc. I thought it was great. I sat upstairs in the lounge and watched huge waves crashing over the ship. The weird thing is that I'm terrified of water and can't swim at all. I can't even float. But I never get sick on the water. Go figure. I would get a slip right next to you and we could knit and sew the days away on the water.

  2. Bill and I walk the marina in town and critique all of the boats, too! fun! It's good that you are discovering treasures right outside your door-that's a very good thing! Tourists sometimes know our 'home town' better than we do...

  3. Shouldn't be too long now for that puzzle.

    My "boat dream" would be to live on a long boat in a canal in the UK or the Netherlands. It doesn't even need to GO anywhere. (But, I probably would take it out.)

    Your pictures are beautiful. Just being BY the water relaxes my stress levels.

  4. Looks like a fun place to visit! Nice view!

  5. I love the water and while we lived on Cape Cod the ocean was my tranquilizer. I'd just drive and park by the water and sit on the hood of my car to watch the water. When we were first married my OH and I had a small sailboat. It was fine until we decided to sail on the Potomac (we lived in Silver Spring, MD) and were near the landing flight pattern of an airport - when I felt I could read the make on the landing gear I was done!

  6. It looks like a beautiful place to walk around and it is so close to you! Stay safe.

  7. My dad always told me a boat is just a hole in the water you throw money into. But he also says a car is a hole in the road you throw money into... so take is as you will.

    I once dreamed about having a houseboat, but I now know there would never been enough room for my yarn and quilt stash! And no garden!

  8. Well, comparatively speaking, Fireman and I think that's a deal. !! For a slip on Geneva Lake from May to Sept depending on the boat it is 1600 for a municipal; slip, 2000 for a 26 foot boat and up and up/