Saturday, February 20, 2021

Mail Call


Look what I got! It's one of Cindy's hand turned wood vases. I remember seeing her make this one and was beyond thrilled when it showed up in my mailbox yesterday. What a way to brighten up another miserable winter day. I am looking forward to sticking one of my pink camellias in it or maybe an early daffodil. Thanks so much Cindy. It really is most appreciated. 

I also got what appears to be the winner in the fiber contest for the red thrums. I liked the other on but I wanted something deeper and darker to make those thrums stand out This will do it nicely.

Speaking of thrums, I wound up the kit yarn the other night and tried my hand at making some of those little fiber bowties that you knit into your mitten. It's been a long time since I've done this so I had to watch a tutorial.  The best one is the one by the vendor of the ill fated purple thrummed mitten kit. In case you're interested it's Zenitude on You Tube. 



  1. Lucky, lucky you. Cindy makes the most beautiful items out of wood doesn't she? Such a lovely gift for you.
    That fiber is so pretty. I probably won't make thrummed mittens for awhile anyway, but I'm going to watch the video. It sounds like an interesting and fun process.

  2. Lovely, lovely things! That vase is gorgeous!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the progress of the mittens - something I've never even heard of so it's exciting!
    The vase is lovely!!

  4. I remember when you did the little fiber flowers before! How beautiful these mittens will be! To be truthful-I hope your ice is all gone so you won't need the mittens until next year!

  5. I can't wait to see how the thrums look. The red fiber color you chose is beautiful.

  6. That vase is so gorgeous! Love your yarn to make your mitts, good luck.

  7. What a lovely vase! I can't wait to see flowers in it. That is such pretty yarn. Here's hoping your ice melts real soon!