Wednesday, February 17, 2021

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other


Uh oh. I was just about to do my victory lap with my Cozy Thermal Mitts when I laid them on the iced over deck for a mugshot. Do you see what I see? Of course you do. One is smaller and what the heck is up with that bulbous thumb?

Ripping them back was like unraveling a mystery but it was pretty easy to figure out where I went wrong.  

To start with I was too lazy to print out the free pattern so I made notes-notes that made no sense whatsoever so I was winging it. Bad idea. I also apparently can't count. I needed so many pattern repeats and it seems I forgot a few. As for that thumb, I thought it was a good idea to not only increase on either side for the gusset but in the middle as well. Sigh. Scrambled brains I suppose. That's all I got for an explanation. 


  1. lol. We all do it. I didn't even notice the thumb until you pointed it out. The yarn is really pretty though.
    Are you keeping warm? It looks like another storm is on the way to you. We got 5 more inches of "sunshine" today. The weatherman said a sunny day today after two straight days of snow. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  2. Made me think of my mom. She never made two mitts the same. What I would give for a pair now. Miss her.
    Cheryl aka seajaes

  3. Covid-brain strikes again. I think a lot of us just wish our minds would come back again.

    I've made so many silly mistakes on a simple blanket. Sheesh!

    Hope you can get back on track today.

  4. Glad you were able to rip it back and fix. They will be so pretty when finished!

  5. I can certainly sympathize with you! What a miserable feeling to look down a the pair (of socks, mitts or mittens) and see just what you saw!!!!! I'm glad that unraveling clued you in to where you went wrong!

  6. Oh no! At least you can fix the problem. Love the raspberry yarn.

  7. Pretty yarn! I am sure you will get er done!