Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


The second little reindeer is done and the winter patchwork sampler is getting packed up for the season. I'll do the border next winter.

I'm putting my energy into the green grass of my lawn. I finished row three this week. Now I have just 2 more rows of all those 10 by 10 filler squares. There are 13 of them in each row so that makes 26 times 100 stitches to go....yikes. 

My tiny needles were also busy with my little hexies.....

....and my big hexies. I am almost ready to add another row to my table runner.

I got two more blocks hand quilted on the squares lap quilt. I got a lot done last weekend because we were trapped in the house because of all the ice. We couldn't get up the driveway if we tried and believe me The Mister tried. It was like a skating rink out there. We had about an inch of snow covered with a layer of ice and 20 degree temperatures. Not a good combination. 

We were tucked in nice and cozy and everything was just fine until The Mister dared me to take a sleigh ride down the iced back hill and I was dumb enough to do it. 

Heading straight for a tree I tried to stop myself with my hands but my mittens came off and my naked left hand got drug down the hill over the rough ice under the sled. It hurt like the dickens but I'm lucky all I needed were two band-aids worth of care on my poor thumb. It could have been so much worse. I'm such an idiot sometimes. 


  1. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry you were injured. Hurtling downhill in or on anything is not my idea of fun anymore. I used to love sledding. No more.
    That sweet Christmas cross-stitch is one of my favorites that you've done. I'm not sure if it's the bright greens and reds or the designs themselves, but I sure do like it. The other is really coming along too. Someday I'll have to try my hand at hexies but there are just not enough hours in the day for everything I want to make. It gets frustrating doesn't it? Who has time for a job? I'm glad I'm retired!

  2. Oh wow! I have not been on a sled for years. All of your tiny needle projects look fabulous. Congratulations on finishing up (most) of that first sampler. I was going to try to figure out how many stitches are in my Autumn Quaker sampler and then I thought better of that idea - LOL

  3. Yikes! Relieved to hear you were able to avoid a major mishap. The Winter sampler is adorable. It will be fun to see it again in a few months.

  4. Was it a double dog dare.... because it's illegal to turn those down! You have no choice!
    I cut my index finger on Mom's special batting shears on the weekend, and it made it very hard to knit for a few days!

    All your projects look great, but I just love the first winter sampler!

  5. Hope you can move your hand today! Your needles projects are coming along!

  6. I'm glad you didn't suffer injuries that are worse although sometimes it's the smaller ones that bug me the most! Totally understand your doing the sled thing -- I'm always game for something like that but usually it's the grandkids that get me giving things a go!
    Great progress on the tiny needle projects! I've been two days without picking up any craft but I'm sure I'll be tempted to do something pretty soon - In the meantime, I'm at least enjoying to look of the snow here!

  7. Hope that finger heals up soon!Love all your projects, too. Sometimes doing the math is just plain scary! ;>)

  8. Great stitching happening! I think the Mister should wait on you to show his remorse for the dare! lol It's called road rash when you skid skin to road....I wonder what it is called to skid on ice?!

  9. You were just trying to have fun. Poor the Mister. ON the ride to the dog sledding I let all these stupid fears run my head into a headache ...what ifs were all around me. What if the sled tipped? What if we hit a tree? Should I wear a helmet? Sometimes you just have to get on the snow and hope your luck holds out. Feel better!!!!!!!

  10. Idiot! No way, I'd say adventurous. Hope your thumb heals up quickly.