Thursday, February 18, 2021



I had The Weather Channel on full blast watching the snowstorms roll across the country this week so I thought I might as well get out the snowflake quilt and crawl around on it all morning. 

My table is a disaster so I had to throw it all on the floor to get that sandwich made. It was like a long, hard yoga workout. My back and knees are still killing me. 

I zig zagged that batting like you all suggested and got everything put together but this is as far as it got on the Juki.

I had forgotten all about this horrible thing that I had drug out of one of Dad's quilting boxes a while back and sat on the Juki. I was going to use it for machine quilting practice before I dove into something good but instead I felt sorry for it. I think I can save it. 

I think it needs more flowers. I think it needs an explosion of flowers actually so I tore the sandwich apart and then dug out Dad's old charm squares and his box of paper pieces to make more hexies. I was kicking myself all day about starting something else when the sewing room is piled with things that need finishing but went ahead and did it anyway. My hands just don't seem to listen to my head anymore. 


  1. Maybe I'm lucky to have such a small house right now. I only have room for a few small projects at one time. Hopefully this lockdown will be over before we move and I'm not tempted to drag every thing that I own out. I think you're pretty restrained in all of your WIP's. They seem to be organized in the order that you work on things.

  2. That blue quilt is so pretty!! Have fun with all your one is going anywhere anyway, so you might as well pull everything out!

  3. Technically, you're not starting something... you're still finishing something... you're just not as close to that finish line as you thought!

  4. Startitis is even harder to avoid than Covid. I've given up the fight! I think it's great that you are going to fix up one of Dadio's projects.

  5. The Snowflake quilt is so pretty - my favorite colors. Love the idea of an explosion of flowers on the runner.

  6. That's ok--you listen to your hands! Working on a quilt on the floor is way too hard--you will pay for that exercise! lol The additional hexies will look great!

  7. That work on the floor is hard on your back! Be careful!