Thursday, September 24, 2020

Smile Every Day


I was very happy to see this box in my mailbox yesterday. I needed a smile. I admit to being down in the dumps lately. When you are staring at four walls for days on end little irritations and worries seem to get blown out of proportion. I needed a chill pill.

The box of goodies helped. I got a pack of pretty fall paper and a new stamp set that I've been waiting to be released.

It's called Den Sweet Den. They had me at knitting bears. 

I put it away telling myself I had to finish the Christmas cards I started in July. I need 20 and I'm up to eight. I've still got a lot to do but......

....then I thought it wouldn't hurt just to try the stamps out. I needed to see if they worked, right?

The next thing I knew I had a card.....and a big smile. Those bears are just so darn cute. 


  1. Oh my goodness! You are SO right. Those bears are truly darn cute my friend.

  2. They sure are cute!! Glad your package cheered you up. Those Fall papers are very pretty.

  3. A box of smiles! I like that, and the knitting bear, too.

  4. What great new supplies and the card is adorable!

  5. Now that really is a smile in a box! Very cute card!!!