Sunday, September 13, 2020

Silvia Squirrel


Last spring I was very gung ho on getting Spiral Chicken finished. I got the chicken done but when it came to the background I had to stop. 

The same thing happened with Rainbow Kitty when I came to the background.

It's not that I wanted to stop. I just don't have enough wool to cover that large of an area. It's very pricey stuff so I have to be sure of what I want and ordering online has lead to more questions than answers. I need to see it in person to pick the right colors and was hoping to get to a fiber festival to buy it. Not this year. 

While I was rummaging around in the wool cabinet I found Silvia. I had forgotten all about her. I've got plenty of small scraps so I'm back in business until I come to the dreaded background again. 

Actually, her background might be doable. There's not much there. Good. It would be nice to get one of my WIPs finished. 

I think I bought the background wool for another seasonal project a while back and .....

....the gray background for my winter one. I should be good to go now until next spring when I end up back to Spiral Chicken and hopefully a fiber fest to go to. 


  1. I think I remember them all now after seeing them, but I can't believe I hadn't remembered any for sure except the rainbow kitty and the chicken.
    Oh, I certainly hope life is back to normal by next spring. I don't think anyone could go through another year like this one.
    Our air is terrible tonight. The worst in recorded history. 488 out of 500 on the Air Quality Index chart. Everything is shut up tight and I can still smell smoke. It's SO bad for the lungs and heart. What is happening this year?

  2. They are all so cute.

    Hopefully, we WILL be going to fiber festivals next year. I only go to two smaller ones, but boy, I sure missed going this year.

  3. You have the most beautiful projects waiting for the background to be completed. Love the squirrel that you are starting and hope you can complete it with supplies on hand.

  4. For me, I know it is fun to do the main interest and the background gets boring! But you are right-you do need enough to give it the right look! Happy hunting. I can't find wool here at all at the fabric stores; online or nothing and it is hard to find it. You could buy some white wool and dye it, too!

  5. I had forgotten how pretty Rainbow Kitty is! I like them all, but that's my favorite!

  6. I love those wool rugs. It's one of the crafts I'm trying very hard not to adopt. I particularly like the chicken and the cat.

  7. These pieces are fantastic! Your craft room must be filled with beautiful projects.

  8. You have a bunch of projects they all look interesting:)

  9. hhmmmmm, pumkin or cat?? LOVE THEM BOTH