Saturday, September 12, 2020

New Stuff


I had a terrible time casting on my latest two at a time man socks. 

It wasn't the Magic Loop that was the problem. I nailed it this time. It was trying to find the place to start them so they would match. I don't think I ever found it but I did make myself a nice big tangle trying.

Thank goodness I had the good sense to order a couple of balls of Pairfect last week. They arrived a few days ago.  I am pretty obsessive about the matchy matchy thing when I gift socks but I am sick and tired of trying to figure it out myself.  

I also bought myself a couple of new puzzles. I really miss my puzzle time. I had worked through my pile so I went looking for more last week. That hour or so of singular concentration used to be the highlight of my dismal day. If the sun doesn't shine or if the rain doesn't stop or if the humidity doesn't lower I'm not sure anything will help. They're promising us better weather next week. We'll see. 


  1. Oh I do hope you get better weather. The news has looked dismal in your area. I saw cars floating!
    We still have smoke but no fires immediately threatening so all is well so far. Dennis & Jamie made it safely to Nebraska for the service tomorrow.
    I need to get some of that Regia Pairfect someday. I nearly drove myself nuts trying to get Mom's socks to match up and then realized that the stripes were random throughout the skein. There was NO way they would ever match! Bother!
    Take care my friend. I feel so blessed to have all of my blogfriends to talk to every day. It sure keeps at least a semblance of sanity to my world in these crazy days.

  2. I really like that sock when I made a pair--I had forgotten about it! Good reminder; hope it relieves the problem! The weather...there's not much you can do about that except stay indoors!

  3. Pairfect yarn is a brilliant creation, and it works for creating matching socks. Your new puzzles are fun. I like both of them

  4. Hopefully you get some good weather soon!

  5. I admire those of you who can make matchy socks. I don't have the patience! If I tried and they were slightly off, I'd be disappointed. So, I just go for the easy option: unmatched!

  6. i want the weather we had to come back . oh puzzle fun fun fun