Sunday, September 6, 2020

A Fine Mess


Before I start my rant let me say that yesterday was a beautiful day. Look at that. My window. OPEN. It was so nice to get some fresh air in the place and turn off the AC. It's been a brutal summer. 

My happiness over the cool morning temperatures was short lived however when one of the kitties was missing for breakfast. It was an indoor kitty so it was odd. Some faint mewing lead me to the downstairs craft room where apparently The Mister had locked one of our feline friends in for the night. My workspace was a mess. Everything was knocked over and wet. Wet? But there was no water on the table. I just emptied all my watercolor containers. 

To my horror I realized it wasn't water. It was kitty piddle. All over everything. My art journals were soaked. I had to throw them out. I was heartbroken. All that work. All those pages of memories. Soaked. 

I have a shelf full of empty art journals so there was no use crying over kitty piddle even though I wanted to. I'll just have to make more memories. 

Thank goodness he didn't get on the table where I had the Christmas cards in progress. 

The day wasn't a total loss. The Grands came for a socially distanced visit bearing gifts. They brought a pepper plant.....

....and a bag of tomatoes and hot peppers. In spite of the rocky beginning, it was a good day. A very good day. Open windows AND getting to watch the Grands run around the yard. I'll take it. 


  1. Oh no! Poor Kitty. Poor You!
    I'm so worried about that happening here. Peno has taken to sleeping on the floor in our powder room. It's not a problem during the day, because I keep the door open to get a cross breeze through the house (it's the only window on that side of the house). At night before bed, Dave walks by and shuts the door on his way up to bed. Why, I don't know.. he just hates having that door ajar. Anyway, he shuts it, but NEVER checks to see if Peno is in there. EVER. Luckily, I usually stop there to pee before bed. I've found her locked in there THREE times now. If there's a fourth time, I'm going to lock HIM in there!

  2. oh, I know that kind of sorry for the mess and loss of your journals! The grands coming for a visit wipes away all of that angst!

  3. Oh no oh No On no. I get so upset about kitty piddle. It stinks. It is not necessary. I never see it as vindictive. But that's part of having dogs and cats. T hey have accidents. We have no carpet on our living areas floor as they just attract beatles to pee on them. He is not happy with all the roaming cats in our woods. Im sorry. .. You have a good attitude and Im glad you had a safe visit!

  4. Well, it's wonderful that you had such a great end to the day! Some of my grandkiddos are on the way over with parents for a front porch picnic (I'm on the front porch, their parents in socially-chairs and they will spread out a blanket for the kids.
    Glad the kitty didn't get to the Christmas cards!

  5. Oh no! That is terrible. All of your beautiful work. Luckily you can paint more but oh my! I'm glad you got to open windows today and ecstatic that you were able to see your grands for a distance visit. Better than nothing isn't it?

  6. Glad there was a bright spot to help ease the loss of your painting books.

  7. Oh no...poor kitty must have been real scared:(

  8. SO sorry about the kitty mess. I bet the Mister was in the doghouse for quite a while.