Thursday, September 10, 2020

Nooks and Crannies


Every morning when I sit down to spin along with the Tour Pup insists on being on my lap and laying her head in the crook of my arm. I can spin that way but it's hot and slow. Why she wants to be there I have no idea. It can't be very comfortable. 

I'm pretty sure she is trying to tell me that she wants to go somewhere. It's been harder and harder to find secluded places to go. 

It seems everyone is looking for the same empty spaces to do their dog walking. I can't complain. Our area numbers are still very good so if that's what it takes so be it.

One of our favorite little coves was busy yesterday but we found a secluded back way in. It will the last day here because they are closing the road down that takes you to it for repairs tomorrow. 

Pup had a ball smelling all the rocks. She is showing off her new buzz cut. She's a smelly, yeasty mess from all the heat and humidity. Terriers do that. They sweat and then they get moldy. She gets a Malaseb bath almost every other day in the summer and I've had enough. It was time for a buzz. I was surprised she let us do it but she almost seemed to enjoy it. Next year I'm having a professional do it at the beginning of the hot weather. I am over hot, stinky little terriers. 


  1. That looks like a lovely cove. Glad you could get there before the road is shut down!

  2. I have a cat who wants me to spin that way--I am tolerant of a lot from my cats but spinning impaired like that is NOT one of them! The nature walk looks wonderful!

  3. The photo of Pup on your lap is precious. I love that her hair hides her eyes a bit. COVID cases are on the rise here thanks to the university students and their parties.

  4. I bet pup knows it makes her feel better to be buzzed!
    Labs don't get moldy (that I know of) but they have a lot of oil in their fur (for swimming) and they are STINKY! A year and a half later, I can still smell them in the truck Dad gave me. It's really bad when its damp out.

  5. I think pup looks adorable with her new haircut. I'll bet she's more comfortable too. I'm glad you were able to get out a bit. I'm so grateful to "usually" have places to walk alone with Chloe here at the new park. I say usually because the smoke is so bad from all of the fires that are close by that I'm staying inside with the AC cranked up unless I have to evacuate.

  6. Just what I needed today - Pup pics!! Such a sweet face absolutely made me happy!

  7. I didn't know terriers got stinky. She looks adorable with her new "do".