Monday, September 14, 2020

Lost Sunday


Yesterday I woke up at 4 am with one of those headaches.  I'd forgotten that the only thing worse than hot weather and high humidity is cold weather with high humidity. It always triggers a migraine and I had a doozey. I was sad to miss the Tour but happy to climb back under the covers for the day.

I swallowed my usual cocktail of OTC remedies, warned The Mister that I was down and out and let Alexa read me back to sleep. I had started Stephen King's The Stand but gave up when it wasn't really helping my Covid blues. It's about to be a mini series again with Whoopie as the 100 year old heroine so I thought I'd better finish it.

I had a good nap and woke up in the afternoon to watch the film adaptation of The Goldfinch. It took me two years to finish this 700 plus page book but I always liked picking it up. The critics hated the movie but I didn't. All the pictures I had in my head from the book were right there on the screen. 

My migraine dinners are always the same. Extra noodle soup in my Campbell's cup. By then I was lucid enough to notice my house looked like someone held a Boy Scout Jamboree in it. Oh, well. It will give me something to do since today is another Tour rest day.

I ended my day in bed with The Princess Bride. After seeing all the Twitter raves for the table read I had to go refresh my memory. It's been years since I've seen it. In spite of my migraine it made me laugh out loud. 
For a terrible, no good, awful day I actually had a pretty good time. 


  1. I may need to get some of that extra noodle soup. I really like chicken noodle soup and sometimes I need a quick lunch for just me. I'm sorry that you had a migraine but really glad that you were able to watch Princes Bride. It's our entire families favorite movie and our kids can quote the entire thing.
    Good thing you aren't out here. I'm willing to bet that the horrendous smoke we have would set off another migraine.

  2. Hope you are feeling much better!

  3. Oh, I do hate a migraine day! Hope today is better! There is always a post-migraine clean up time, too. I love Princess Bride!

  4. I had the cold/wet weather migraine at the beginning of last week. Lasted two days (when the weather cleared). I feel your pain.
    And the Princess Bride can make almost anything better!

  5. So sorry you had a tough day. Hope you feel better today!

  6. Im so sorry Deb. Feel better. .WE loved the Princess Bride fundraiser reading. It was better than I even imagined