Tuesday, September 1, 2020



I've got nothing to show for Tiny Needle Tuesday. I'd like to blame it on the Tour but it just started. I have no idea where my stitching time went but it went somewhere.  I am also ticked that I haven't even been able to find the time to sit down and spin while the Tour is on. It's always something around here. I am really loving it when I can get to it but it's been more up and down than sitting in spinning every morning. Sigh.

I did get some of the Streets of Laredo plied. That's something. Not much but something.

When I'm done stomping around in my fit of exasperation every morning I only seem to have enough energy left in the afternoon to play with my puzzle. I finished the little crayons yesterday. It was hard. Very hard. The hardest one yet. I thought all those colors would be easy to match up. Nope. 


  1. Puzzles are never easy for me unless they are Piper's level and even then, she's probably passed me up! :-)
    I have the same issue. It seems time is never around anymore. I don't know where it goes. Plus, Dennis was with me for 4 days straight. I didn't get hardly any knitting done during that time. We were always on the go.
    Take care Debbie.

  2. The crayon puzzle looks like fun. How large are these puzzles? Love the colors in your Streets of Laredo!

  3. Pretty yarn and a pretty puzzle:) Sometimes we just need puzzles to relax!

  4. Who, where is my favorite :Cadet blue?

  5. I seem to feel like I am busy but don't have much to show for it either! The plying is looking good, the new fiber will add up...we know that.Go easy on yourself!