Monday, September 21, 2020

Rough Water


We went off for a ride to the dump and Pimpeliesse came along. I usually bring socks for this journey but this poor thing has been sadly neglected. It needed some attention. 

We started at the dump and ended up across the county at the bay. It was kicking up a fuss. This is my favorite bay weather- gray, chilly and windy. I want to hear it crashing on the rocks. I love that sound. 

My one pandemic silver lining has been that I no longer have any qualms about parading around in my flannel jammies. No one's getting that close to judge me so who cares what I look like anymore. I've seen worse down at the beach. Way worse. 


  1. I'm glad you were able to get out. I hope I can order more yarn for my Pimpeliesse this week. It's supposed to be in stock as of the 22nd. Fingers crossed.
    Flannel jammies are always good. The older I get the less I care what people think about me anyway. I only need to please God and my Hubby. No one else!

  2. I do love the sound of waves on rocks. Glad you could get out. That shawl looks awfully pretty! And suddenly it is COLD outside. Much colder than normal for September.

  3. Ha! I've worn my yoga pants out to the drs and I never would've done that a year ago! The bay sure looks stormy! That's all we've had for 10 days--I'm missing the sun but not the sauna outside--it is a beautiful 74 out today!

  4. If flannel shirts are good for outside, so are flannel pants. It's good to be comfy.

  5. I hope one day to travel to your little bay! I love all your pictures of it!

  6. I admire anyone that can knit on the go! I can crochet but not knit in the car.
    I like the sound of waves too:)