Sunday, September 27, 2020

Drawing a Blank


It's not really cold out. In fact we still have the AC on to deal with the humidity but it's been raining. Really raining and we had a grocery delivery to pick up and a dog to walk yesterday afternoon so the first of the season's woolly socks came out of the drawer. I reached in and pulled out these crazy things. 

They have story. Daddio dyed them from a sock blank. Here he is doing just that in 2013. 

It seems just like yesterday that I watched him do it. He had a ball. He used to do Paint By Numbers when we were kids. 

I used to knit my own sock blanks back in the day but I am pretty sure this is one from Knit Picks. I've worn them many winters now and they have held up beautifully. The color hasn't faded one bit and they are still nice and soft.

Pup had a good time running off leash in the completely deserted huge Park and Ride by the grocery store and my feet stayed warm and dry in my woolly socks and Crocs. It would have been a great day if the store hadn't forgot to put Pup's salmon in the bag. We got all the way home before we realized. The vet wants her on a grain free fish diet until she can see her on Tuesday so that salmon was important. They didn't forget the catfish and the tilapia so there's that. The grocer did give me a $10 coupon on my next online pickup for their mistake. $10 worth of salmon here we come. 


  1. Wonderful socks made even more special by your memories. We turned the furnace on last night for the first time. It was 37F this morning so it felt very good. It only got up to 60F so it neer did warm up.
    I'm glad Pup got to go run and that you're getting the salmon issue taken care of. They seem to be forgetting a lot of things lately.

  2. Love those socks. They are fun and how nice that Dadio dyed the yarn!

  3. What a heart-warming sock story! And a picture, too. What a treasure!

  4. Those are such fun socks!
    We are back to warm and muggy here. Bleh. The warm I don't mind, the humidity I could definitely do without.