Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Loose Ends


It's almost sweater weather here so I had some weaving in to do yesterday morning. Mosi has been sitting patiently all summer. It was time she was finished.

It didn't take long at all. Thank goodness for being able to strand the colors up the side. She got a good soak in the tub where to my horror she turned the water green. I've never had Palette bleed before. 

Lofoten is now at the scary part. Short rows for the shoulders. I hate short rows. I tried German short rows this time and I did pretty well on one side but not on the other. I had to go back and fix some holes. 

The Bubbles cardi looks like this now. I've learned a lot of new things using this pattern. It is very clever.

Man socks are here. I knit these at night in bed watching Gilmore Girls episodes but after day two of power washing the deck I couldn't even hold the needles last night. It's killing my back and shoulders but we are almost done.

My long lost giant WIP has only FOUR rows to go until I can put on the edging and call it a done deal. Hiding in my closet to knit is actually not such a bad idea. No one can find me so I have a little bit of guaranteed quiet time. I might just stick another project in the bottom of my closet when this is done. 


  1. Mosi is gorgeous! Just looking at Lofoten scares me. :-). You have so many fun projects going. I finished the second sleeve of Pipers white sweater a few minutes ago. Now for the button band tomorrow. Yay! With any luck she may just get it in time for her birthday. We have already sent other gifts for her but I would lover for her to have a sweater too.

  2. All of your knitting is so beautiful! I hope you get a shot of you wearing your sweater! Hiding in a closet can be a comforting thing...

  3. Mosi is gorgeous, as are all your projects!

  4. So many beautiful knits! Knitting in the closet sounds peaceful.

  5. Did you put some vinegar in the rinse for the sweater-just in case or just keep rinsing?! So frustrating! I love the work you have gotten done! The idea of you hiding in your closet to get some quiet time gave me a very good laugh-thanks!

  6. Oh that sweater. You really really have so much Talent!!! Deb, that sweater is amazing and your next is as well

  7. I really really like the idea of knitting in your closet. I can relate. Even though I don't knit.