Thursday, September 17, 2020

Reclaiming Our Space


Meet Kermit. He's our new power washer.

The worst summer in history left our house looking like this. Why someone would build a white house under so many trees I'll never know. Houses in the woods should be wood colored. Ours was slowly turning green from the relentless heat and humidity.

Now that it is comfortably cooler outside The Mister tried it out yesterday on the walkway. It took a while to figure out but it looks like it's going to be just what we need to clean up the mess a summer of neglect has created. You should see the condition my deck is in. Oy.

That's not the only thing that needs cleaning up. Look at the steps that lead to the backyard. Everything is out of control. A bad year for humans was a good year for plants. You should see the weeds. We've been invaded.

Power washing is a one person job so while he was out spritzing I reorganized all of my pantry items. They were in boxes sorted by the year of expiration but I could never find anything. Now I have boxes of like products stored together. Lighter things went on top of the remaining wall cabinets freeing up floor space. Now I can see at a glance what I have and what I need to order. Nine boxes of scalloped potato mixes? What on earth was I thinking? My pandemic panic ordering is out of control. 


  1. Oh my goodness. You have had quite the summer. We have a power washer that Dennis kept in our storage space. We used it a lot on the patio and driveway. I know you and The Mister will have it all figured out and cleaned up soon.
    Don't be so hard on yourself for all of that potato mix. I keep hearing that shortages are expected again so you will probably be happy to have it! I have lots of canned food and I'm glad. It keeps me calm when I think of the shortages.

  2. All the plants are out of control this year! Our boggy area is so dense with various weeds (but pretty...).

  3. Doesn't matter where your house is or what color .... mold is relentless. We had to power wash our Orlando house several times a year in places and the deck by the pool was almost monthly. Our power washer paid for itself many times over.

    Looks like someone likes potatoes. LOL

  4. Power washers are so much fun. You will start looking for things to clean after you're done!

  5. I organized my pantry this summer, and it appears that I have a small, yet well-stocked, grocery store! Yikes, I need to use the stuff I have on hand before making another grocery order.

  6. It's good to do a "reset" during this time of season change! Your deck and house will be looking good!
    I always write the expiration date/year on top of canned goods - Because I have lupus and never know when a flare-up will occur I've always had a bit of a pantry. It's smart to use the tops of your cabinets!

  7. I love it when my DH gets out the powerwasher--everything will look so much better soon and then you will feel better about your house and yard-just in time to enjoy being outside again! Now the reorganizing inside is good, too; enjoy all of the potato dishes! lol

  8. Nice power washer! I have one but it leaks all over! :(