Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Lofoten at Night


I usually work on Lofoten in the early morning when my brain is functioning but since the Tour I don't have that time anymore. I tried knitting on it at night but that was a disaster. As soon as dinner is cleared my brain turns to mush these days. As much as I want it finished it will just have to wait until the Tour is over. 

What I can do at night is knit socks. My two at a timers are done. I have one of the latest man sock done too. I don't have any socks on the needles at the moment. Gasp. We went for a drive yesterday and I didn't have anything I could just pick up and take. It felt awful. I've got to cast that second man sock on asap.

Pimpelliese is still getting some attention at night. I try to do one lacy zig zag a day but you know how that goes. 

Then there is this. You might recognize what pattern it is but I'm not saying just yet. This is getting plenty of attention because those crazy little bubbles require it.


  1. What is it???? That is gorgeous. You do such lovely colorwork. Love your socks too. And Loften (of course). I need to cast on something today! I have absolutely NOTHING on the needles. I unraveled quite a bit....

  2. Oh, a lot of good knitting going on!!!! I like the new project-looks like fun! I only have the second man sock to work on--I am having good sock withdrawal!!!!

  3. Look at all of those beautiful projects. I'm super curious as to what all of those bubbles will be. :-)
    I'm like you, my eyes start closing in the evening now. I must be getting older, as I have never done that before this summer and I remember my Mom falling asleep in the evening most days.

  4. Your knitting is gorgeous! I’d love to sit with you and learn how to do such beautiful color work.

  5. Lofoten will still be there when you're ready. Love the striped socks! Just cast on with a little Felici. I do love that yarn!

  6. I have 21 pounds of Cat on my lap as I type this. you attempt such hard knits. i did see a cool non garter shawl last night .......hmmmmm

  7. Love the colors in that last sweater. So, so pretty.