Friday, September 18, 2020

Running Out of Road....


....and patience. This year's Tour has been one frustration after another and I'm over it. Why I can't seem to carve out a few hours in my morning to sit and spin is beyond me but I can't so I am calling this year's Tour officially over for me-at least the spinning part. This is the two and a half week total for the spindles. It's about half of what I did last year and I know this because I still have last year's singles on the toilet paper tubes to prove it.

The BFL I dyed yielded these two lopsided bobbins. I spliced them together and evened them out and made a 2 ply.

It's the one on the top obviously. I really like it. I'm not sure it is neck worthy yet but it will have to become something. The bottom one is the California Red I washed, carded and spun. I made one skein last year from it and this one is much, much better. When I have enough of it spun it will become socks. It's scratchy. 

I still have what's left on these two bobbins and a bag of fiber I can card for next year.

Last but not least is the Polwarth I started last week. I've still got a lot left to spin but I am going back to only working on it at night when everything is calm and no one needs me to do anything for them. 


  1. I have never been able to figure out spindle spinning. Dennis has offered to make one for me when we were still at the house and he had all of his woodworking tools but I didn't want him to do all of that work and me not be able to figure it out.
    My favorite is that last one. The color is amazing.

  2. Love the way the orange yarn turned out! I hear you for the spinning-I am doing a shadow of my usual stuff but I just don't sit long enough and in the evenings I knit. That's ok--it is a crazy year so what do you expect!