Thursday, September 3, 2020

Gardening Woes


Look what I found in the mud pit left behind in the front yard by the deluge of rain we've been having. Impatiens. I haven't planted any in years but they still seem to pop up here and there. 

These showed up in the remains of a broken pot a few days ago. I don't think they got the message that summer is almost over. 

The hydrangeas got the message. They are a sorry sight. All this rain has beat them to the ground poor things. 

The mushrooms are still going strong. Look what popped up on a table I have on my deck. Itty bitty mushrooms. I keep meaning to go out and get photos of all the crazy ones we have out in the woods but it's still too hot, muggy and buggy out there. It was almost 90 yesterday with more storms again. Ugh.

Speaking of bugs, my kale was doing great under a net up on the deck and then one day....gone. I cut it back after something got under the net and ate every darn leaf. 

In other gardening news, here are my carts-now empty. The Mister got rid of the plants after they turned into a pitiful moldy mess. It was a bust of a year I'm afraid. $300 worth of carts for about $5 worth of veggies. It turns out the sun wasn't the issue-the heat and the bugs were. 


  1. We gave up on veggie gardening last year. Our yard is just not suited to it. We have black walnut trees so you can't plant in the ground under them even if the light is fine. We had tomatoes in pots and I think we got about a half dozen tomatoes. The farmer's market is a much better bet. If I had to count on my harvest, we would starve.

  2. I'm sorry that your garden hasn't done well this year. I do remember the hot, muggy, and buggy summers from when Mandy lived there. Since we don't have much humidity here, I had forgotten how miserable it is. I grew up with it but have enjoyed Spokane summers for 27 years now.
    Hopefully next summer will be better for you.

  3. It's been a weird year for sure. Enjoy your impatiens - they are not a woe!!!

  4. And such is the life of a gardener! The mushrooms are interesting!

  5. Those little deck mushrooms are so cool!

  6. Bugs are the bane of gardeners. Sorry they devastated your plants.

  7. Oh, that really is a bit disappointing! "The best laid plans" etc., but that doesn't help any! I'm glad you have so many other lovely projects - hopefully, they will balance out the gardening woes!

  8. You are not alone. I think I will go out and pull the remaining leaves/vine from the acorn squash. They are getting moldy and we have barely had any rain! I hope Deb, that your ultra humid environment have some good options for next year. Im keeping my eye open for you in the book Regina just sent to me.

  9. So sorry your gardening efforts didn't work ou. The wind has been hard on the tomotoes here but I will get another crop of lettuce unless it freezes :(