Friday, April 12, 2019

Yard Work

 We've had some beautiful weather so I hobbled my broken self outside to see what I could do in the yard.

 My potted bulbs seem to be happy.

 I've even got some tulips almost ready to do their thing.

 Daddio's Black Eyed Susan's are awake and looking like they are going to have another good year. They like the pot. I tried to put them in the ground two years ago and they weren't happy so back in the pot they went. Last year they are spectacular.

 Mom's adorable mini hostas are peeking out at the world. She gave me that little gnome pick years ago. Mom could grow anything. Me, not so much.

 The mixed daffodil bulbs I planted have done very well. I've got an explosion in the little front bed.

 The red Camellia never bloomed much. It was under one of the big trees we had taken down. She seems very happy this year. I think she can finally breathe.

The ferns that grow under the pine trees are all waking up. At this stage don't they look like someone crocheted them?

My favorite though is the violets. They may be wee but I think they are just the sweetest little things.


  1. Pretty flowers! Hope you are feeling better soon:)

  2. That Camellia is gorgeous!!! Now that you've taken down so many trees, are you going to plant more (not like you need something else to do...)

  3. I don't know, Deb. Looks like you grow things pretty well. :-)

  4. So jealous... still no blooms here (it got cold again yesterday - not quite freezing, but close).
    I don't have a much luck when I put things in pots. Though yours make me want to keep trying.

  5. Such gorgeous flowers! All we have blooming at the moment is one lone daffodil and a whole lot of dandelions.

  6. Your flowers are so pretty. Love all the yellow and purple blooms. Black Eyed Susans are on of my favorite flowers. Hope your back is improving daily. I feel like I have to make the most of the pretty spring days we are having because the temps are creeping up and it will soon be hot and humid.

  7. Alright, I m jealous of your plants!!! Our grass is , at least, green again. You seem to have a lot of humid hot weather and very little winter. Am I right? Fireman cannot believe that it would be that way in Maryland.

  8. I think you do great in the gardening arena!
    Love the blooms and almost blooms! That Camellia is gorgeous! I would like to have a big poster of the ferns like that-so pretty on so many levels!

  9. Judging from the look of it you must have gotten at least some of your mom's talent for growing. Very pretty blooms!!