Saturday, April 27, 2019

Rainbow Kitty

 Rainbow Kitty is finally getting worked on.

He looks like this. He's been sitting here since March waiting for me to get started.

 He was supposed to be a stash busting project but you know how that goes.

These are on the way from a vendor on Etsy. I needed some brighter colors for my furry friend.

 Speaking of brighter colors look what Judy sent me. That's a cowl. How fun is that? And purple sock yarn? Wow... they are going to make some happy socks. Thanks so much Judy!!!


  1. I really like the colors you have coming; I find it a little hard to work with colors I don't really love!

  2. Looks like you are set for the weekend. A fun project AND a nice neckwarmer to keep you cozy.

  3. Great new rug hooking; the gifts are great-enjoy!

  4. Wow! Is there any creative thing you don't do? Can't wait to see how Rainbow Kitty progresses.

  5. Rainbow kitty is going to be a fun project for you. I'm eager to see updates.

  6. Rainbow kitty is going to be wonderful! You have such great colors to work with now. I am looking forward to seeing this progress.

  7. I remember you telling us about that kitty...and promptly forgot again so he's brand new to me. :-) . Getting old isn't for sissies is it?
    The the gifts from Judy. Those socks will be fabulous.