Thursday, April 4, 2019

Material Girl

I got some big boxes of material the other day.

I needed backing for two quilts. Isn't this just going to be perfect? It matches the material Daddio and I used to make the Dresdens way back when. How lucky that Connecting Threads brought it back for another 30's collection just when I need it.

I found this faux batik on ebay for the rings quilt. I didn't want to pay for real batik for a backing. It's pricey.

Here is the quilt kit that was on sale that jumped in my cart AND the backing for it. I used my head this time and bought the recommended backing at the same time as the kit. I usually wait to see if I am going to make the quilt first but this time I AM so I went ahead and got it.

I really miss having a quilt to piece and this is the perfect thing to get me through spring and summer, right? The only thing wrong with this whole deal is that I FORGOT TO ORDER THE BATTING for all the tops I bought the backing for. Now I am waiting for an order of batting so I can get those two tops on the Juki. It's always something.


  1. Now THIS is the kind of shopping I’m used to reading about on your blog. :-). Gorgeous fabrics and kit.

  2. Apparently you shop like I do. I can Never seem to get all the supplies I need at one time. The backing for the Dresden is perfect! Absolutely perfect!

  3. Those Dresden patches are gorgeous. The backing will be just perfect!

  4. Fantastic backing choices!
    Mom and I got a huge roll of batting from Amazon for a crazy price. It should do us for a while!

  5. Nice match on the Dresden backing!

  6. What beautiful fabrics!!! That fabric for the backing of the dresdens is one that I would buy extra yards of just because it is so pretty and I would certainly have a need for more of it. Love the quilt kit and those fabrics are so cheerful. What fun you are going to have.

  7. Lovely colors . Whoops, that sounds like something i'd do

  8. The new quilt is going to be very fun to piece-nice work on the matching backing for the dresden plate!!! You've got plenty to do before the batting comes!