Saturday, April 6, 2019


 The Mister and I overdid it this week out in the yard. By Thursday we were out of gas. We are working on the biggest of the trees right now and it's a bear. At night the only thing I can manage to do is spin. I can always spin. My two bobbins of the mystery fiber are done.

They are becoming some mitts. The rest of the fiber is going to get carded together during the TdF.

 I've still got the green stuff on the Ladybug. It's my TV spin and you can see I haven't been watching much.

I've got this pretty plum on the Traditional wheel. I am spinning for a Hitchhiker. I think. Sometimes the fiber has to be what the fiber has to be.

 I've got a bin of fluffy batts now.

Nine to be exact. I need to weigh them to see how many I will need for a pair of socks.

Speaking of handspun, I did rip back the cowl. I'm just going to decrease the daylights out of the last stockinette section and hope for the best. Thoughts and prayers please.


  1. Now that's a great idea for the cowl--I'm sure it will be a save. So nice to see all the different fibers for your wheel-enjoy!

  2. I've been off the computer for a week and I've missed so much!! Tyson's Galleria - we used to live in MD so I do remember the vibe there - really a fond memory! Love your dress and I would have talked someone into buying that bag for me! Quilt backing - perfect! Love the sheep on the hill - yea for another little finish! Probably will go back and reread everything again. I agree about ripping back the cowl - The shore breezes will "go right through you" as my Mom would have said!

  3. ❤️ all the handspun and the batts! I hope you're able to fix the cowl because it s a beauty.

  4. That's a lot of pretty fluff! Hope the cowl works out!

  5. The colors are all so pretty and just scream spring. Sounds like you have a fix for your cowl (fingers crossed).

  6. Deb YOU GOT THIS. it is perfect . cast off loosely on a big needed kk?

  7. Oh that cowl is so pretty! Happy cast off

  8. Oh I love that stripe. You spin so beautifully.

  9. I don't know how you get anything done after working on your trees all day. I'd be spending my evenings on a heating pad and zoning out on pain pills. Your spinning is gorgeous though so it must be just what you need. And that cowl! It's lovely! Hope you can fix it.