Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lost Weekend

 I got a lot of knitting done this weekend.

 I was stuck in a chair with a heating pad and a bottle of Motrin at arm's reach.

I had back troubles and no, it wasn't from hauling wood. I haven't hauled any wood since last Wednesday. It was from my Saturday morning vacuuming.

You heard that right. Vacuuming. Lately, every time I use my little mini shop vac to give the house a once over I end up injured. I don't know if it's the bending and twisting or the up and down motion. I've even been sitting on the floor and scooting along to take the pressure off my back. I have no idea what the heck is going on with me and my vacuum but it's getting old. I've got six cats and a long haired dog. I need to vacuum.

In my down time I did get the Willow Cowl finished. You can see the little k2togs and ssks that I added to tighten it up. In the pattern's defense, I did skip some of it because I was running out of yarn.

It works just fine now. I finished it in time to pack it away. It was near 80 here today with a creeping humidity that was already uncomfortable. The dehumidifiers are already back in use. Summer is coming. Ugh.

Spring was nice while it lasted. At least I've got plenty to keep me busy inside. Some new Sparkle just showed up from Amazon.


  1. I love ALL of those socks. Beautiful. I'm SO sorry about your back. You know very well how much I can sympathize with you. Also about the pet hair. It's everywhere in our house too, I can't keep up with it no matter how hard I try.
    It only got into the low 40's today and the furnace is going all of the time. So much for spring here. I think winter has returned. Just when I dug the flip-flops from the back of the closet!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful package that arrived. I love it all. The cuticle cream and lip balm are yummy and the soap smells so good. Thank you again Miss Generosity. :-)

  2. Vacuums can be vicious. For me dishwashing has the same effect. Every time I have to wash more than a couple if cups or plate my back starts to hurt. The cowl is very lovely!

  3. OUCH!! So sorry to hear about your back. Hope you are feeling better by now. Love all the yarn you are using - the socks are great. And your cowl turned out so pretty - looks great on you! Glad you were able to fix it.

  4. Steve has complained that vacuuming our living room rug hurts his back. I think that motion is just bad for all of us.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. I have a new appreciation for a good back after that bizarre spasm for 2 weeks in Feb--I am so sorry your back is limiting you like this! But you have so many pretty socks going on!

  6. My back also hurts when I vacuum. I purchased a Roomba last April. It works great, and my back is happy. All your knitting projects are beautiful - such lovely colors, too.

  7. Hmmm... maybe you need a Roomba? Or at least a vacuum with a long handle!
    Dave was just complaining he was out of scrubbies... I really need to go to Michaels and see if they've got that yarn!
    Willow looks fantastic!

  8. Hope your back is improving daily! I have been told that it is the repetitive twisting that causes so many people to have back issues from vacuuming.
    All of the items you showed in your photos are very pretty. At least, you were very productive over the weekend.
    Thank you very much for my package of goodies! The soaps smell good enough to eat. Love the full size lotion bar. The bee on top is just delightful. Your packaging goes up a few notches each time. Love your labels. I just got the package yesterday and have already used the lotion bar. I should have given you my new address but the post office forwarded the package to my current address - I am impressed. Again, thank you so much for your generosity!

  9. I have an old back injury due to a windsurfing accident when I was 19 and ended up having my L4, L5, S1, S2 discs and vertebra removed on one side of my spine. Now, vacuuming can be very painful if I get sloppy with it. Any activity where I twist and exert force at the same time can be painful. When I vacuum, sweep, mop... I have to hold the vacuum hose, mop, broom... directly in front of me, between my legs, and push and pull straight out and back rather than side to side. It takes forever do do it that way but it's (mostly) painless. Hope your back is feeling better soon! Glad you had some knitting to keep you occupied.

  10. You need a robotic vacuum, we have one and it is wonderful:) You have been knitting up a storm! Hope your back feels better soon!

  11. You need to get a Roomba. My son got one and it drives his dog crazy. LOL It eliminates the back problem all together and provides endless entertainment for the critters. Love all your knits. Sending healing thoughts your way....back pain is awful!

  12. I LOVE Your PHOTO!!!! adore your glasses and the cowl is really a beautiful finish! So sorry about your back.

  13. I LOVE Your PHOTO!!!! adore your glasses and the cowl is really a beautiful finish! So sorry about your back.

  14. Be careful!! housework done properly can kill you!