Sunday, April 21, 2019

Skipping Easter

 No photos of the Grands hunting for eggs this year. How about some tulips instead? We decided not to do a family get together this year.  #1 Son just had back surgery last Thursday and #2 Son is making the final arrangements on his wedding in two weeks up in Detroit so we just decided to skip it.

The weekend wasn't a total loss. We met Daughter and her Hubby in Annapolis on Saturday for lunch. We went to Cooper's Hawk which is a restaurant/wine shop/confectionery.

 It was a belated birthday for The Mister. Daughter got a "flight" of wines with her lunch. That was new to me. She got four different ones to try which was fun. I got a white sangria and The Mister had to practically carry me back to the car. I'm such a cheap drunk.

 After a lunch of shrimp and scallop risotto The Mister got a surprise birthday dessert.

 Back at home he had to dye eggs. He lives for egg dyeing.

I have to say the Paas tablets were disappointing this year. Whatever happened to those bright, beautiful colors they used to have?  I always dyed wool with the leftovers. This stuff was ugh.

What I am really looking forward to is watching Fred and Judy stroll down Fifth Avenue tonight on TCM. It's one of my all time favorites.
Happy Easter!


  1. Your tulips are beautiful.

    We had Cooper's Hawk in Orlando, but it didn't have a candy shop. I would have gone crazy in there after having a bit of wine --------candy + wine = YUM!

  2. I'm sorry you're skipping Easter this year but it looks like the Mister still enjoyed dying eggs! Also, your night out looks wonderful. Chocolate and wine is a great combination.

  3. I LOVE sangria and would have been right there, getting carried out with you. Cooper's Hawk sounds like an awesome experience! Wishing your son a quick recovery and the other son a smooth ceremony. Happy Easter!

  4. Beautiful tulips. Mine should bloom in a week or so (if we ever get any sun!)
    I went to a Coopers Hawk on one of my trips to Chicago (Oak Park, IL). It was lovely!

  5. Love those tulips with the yellow edges! No Easter egg hunts in my family as the grandkids have aged out of that activity. I heard someone else commenting about being disappointed with the Paas tablets. I always blew out eggs for dyeing so with them having no weight, you had to sit and keep them submerged. What a wonderful lunch/belated birthday celebration. Happy Easter!

  6. After drinking that "flight" I'd be literally flying!

  7. Nice to have a get together at a fancy place every once in a while! I agree-the dyes are less intense.

  8. Shrimp and scallop risotto sounds like it is about the yummiest lunch ever. Happy Easter. Glad you are taking it slow and not complicated this year. Best of luck to your son on his recovery.

  9. Hope your son heals quickly!Pretty tulips, and I like that multi-colored egg even though the colors aren't real bright.Hope you had a nice day.

  10. Sometimes holidays just don't come at the right time. I thought of skipping Easter dinner this weekend because it's just a lot on top of a Friday night seder. But, I didn't want to make Keith's family feel bad so I went. It was nice but I am tired!

    That special dessert looks very good!

  11. Happy Easter! I love that you colored eggs anyhow.
    We had a celebration yesterday, and had to bring Zach back to chicago after a nice breakfast today. It was quiet but our weather was amazing. Everything is blooming and it felt like REBIRTH and Easter!