Tuesday, April 2, 2019


 Woo hoo. My April block of the Sheep Virtues is already done.

Up next for May is Miss Faith. She's a black sheep. That will be fun. I do so hate stitching with white.

The left border is now complete on this sampler and so is the roof. I was tempted to pack this away and bring out a more springy project but I'm on a roll. I really want to finish the house before Stitch Maynia in May.

 My teeny tiny quilting needle has been put to good use on Daddio's last paper piecing project. It's going together much easier and faster than I thought which is good. I really want to get back to Dear Jane but I'm on a mission to finish this first.

Wow.....I really like how this is turning out. Daddio always had an eye for color.


  1. Wow! You've made a lot of progress on everything and it all looks beautiful. I'm glad you are keeping that big sampler in the rotation at least for a little bit longer.

  2. Agreed-this is a very beautiful riot of color!
    Your paper piecing amazes me!

  3. Beautiful TNT stitching! The paper pieced quilt is going to be stunning!

  4. Your cross stitch projects are just adorable.

    Yeah.....what is it with white floss???? It's awful. Black can sometimes be an issue too, but not nearly as often as the white.

  5. Aw sounds like it is getting a bit easier to speak about Daddio??? Great progress on that traditional sampler!

  6. Both of your samplers are just beautiful! That is a happy looking quilt design. I guess you are hand piecing and will then remove the papers. Very impressive.

  7. He definitely had an artist's eye, and I think you inherited it, too. Love your cross-stitching!

  8. Love the border! And the black sheep is really cute. Are you having Stitchmaynia plans? Liana

    1. I do. This year I am going to stitch a different WIP every day in May. I've got so many that never see the light of day. It's their turn for a change.