Wednesday, April 17, 2019

An Old Friend

It's not often that the news makes you think of a knitting project.

Monday's news out of Paris made me so sad.

The whole time I was working on my Tracery vest I thought of those beautiful Rose Windows of Notre Dame.

The pattern is supposed remind you of the castle at Hogwarts but for me, not being up on the Harry Potter lore, it was always the north Rose Window I was knitting over and over.

The pattern by Kathleen Sperling was a gift from Valerie and I loved working on it but I got stuck.

I wanted to modify the vest by elongating the window pattern and then making it into something that opened in the front. I can do steeks, that's not the problem. The problem was the top shaping. I couldn't figure out what to do with the neck.

 I even bought a Craftsy class so I could knit along and figure out how that shaping works. It's a V shaped steek.

Today I'm all fired up about getting out the yarn and starting that Craftsy class so I can finally get it done but there's a problem.....

...I'm not home. Daughter decided on an impromptu trip to Vegas so I've been kitty sitting at her house since Monday morning working on socks and a few other things I brought along. I am hoping that fire-oh, bad choice of words, sorry-is still burning when I get home. I've been working on Tracery since 2014 and now this HAS to be her year.


  1. You will still be on track to knit the Tracery--its time has come.
    Enjoy the kitties and socks in the meantime!

  2. That is such a beautiful project! You MUST finish it - lol.

  3. It is so funny you showed this first today! For some reason I bookmarked you on this post in 2016 and it is always the first thing I see when I look at your page before I refresh it to the current post. I love this Tracery Vest. You are an amazing knitter to work this pattern.
    I do believe that Cathedral will rise from the ashes brilliantly .

  4. Gorgeous! I'm sure your motivation will still be strong when you return home.

  5. Have faith! You'll figure it out. And you're right - it was SO sad to watch. It completely gutted me to watch it burn.

  6. That is such a pretty pattern and although I love Harry Potter, I have to agree with you that it reminds me more of Notre Dame. I have visited there and it was a beautiful building. The news made me so sad and I surely hope they can rebuild.

  7. You can do it! Don't tell, but that Tulip was started then, too, and now it's done. Go for it!

  8. Your yarn looks so pretty. Great array of colors. Love the sock you are knitting. Reminds me of orange sherbet. Enjoy your time cat sitting!