Friday, April 26, 2019

Summer Soap Tales

 This is the time of year I make soap for me.

 I don't really gift it once it gets hot because mailing it can be iffy.

 I don't use the fancy colors or techniques. I just make big chunks of rustic soap using all the odd ingredients I seem to collect over the year. In the summer I like clay soaps. They aren't pretty but they do the job.

I've also got quite a collection of sea salts in lots of different colors for my beachy soaps. I don't even use my fancy glitter.

Who needs it when you have black, red and pink sea salt.

 The jewelweed soap is cured and ready for use. My yard is full of poison ivy so I'm pretty sure I am going to be needing it. I also bought a big bottle of the Tecnu cleaner. You can't be too careful.

Being a plain jane soap I got to use my soap stamps on it. Meow.

 I'm still making bath fizzies too. A bath just isn't a bath without them anymore. I've spoiled myself.

 Speaking of bath fizzies, Daughter brought me a surprise home from Vegas.

It's a bath bomb that is supposed to be a sheep. It's actually in two parts. You get to use the head one night and the body the next. Cute but also a little scary, right? If you want to see this guy in action there is a whole blog post about him here complete with a video of him dissolving in the tub which is oddly fascinating.

I also need to thank Sandflies for the surprise that showed up last night. Yummo. You made my morning very happy. Thanks so much!!


  1. I like your soap stamps. Your house must smell so yummy all of the time. That bath fizzy from your daughter DOES look a bit scary. :-)

  2. I am a minimalist, so your summer soaps looks beautiful to me. Love the stamps! Liana

  3. your bath bomb looks more like homer simpson to me:)

  4. I don't know about that bath bomb. It looks more like Homer Simpson to me. LOL

    The kitty soap stamp is more my style. That one is ADORABLE! Enjoy all your lovely new soap products.

  5. That Homer Simpson lamb is terrifying but I love your soap stamps! I love that while making your own, non-special, made with left-overs soap, you take the time to make it pretty. Good luck with your poison ivy! (Ugh! just typing the word makes me break out into a rash.)

  6. Oh Your soaps look wonderful. I like some LUSH products very much, but they are pricey! your kitty soap stamp is adorable.

  7. I love your stamps! Especially that kitty!

    If you want bath fizzie with a little extra fun, check out Charmed Aroma. ( They are a little pricey, but you get pretty jewelry! I crack them in half, and get two baths out of one bathbomb! They smell amazing!

  8. Yep, I saw a Homer Simpson, too. ❤️ the soap stamps.

  9. The photo of the first soap showing a slice of it reminds me of a chocolate dessert. Love you cat soap stamp. That is just adorable. I also keep a bottle of Tecnu on hand and hope I won't need it.

  10. Oh that kitty soap stamp is adorable! The sheep bath bomb not so much!! LOL

  11. You don't have plain jane soaps-they are all show-stoppers!