Thursday, December 14, 2017

Watch This Space

It's hard to believe that it's only two months until Valentine's Day. All that Christmas soap (100 plus bars!) flew off the shelves so I thought I had better get back into production for some late winter/early spring gifting since it takes 6 weeks to cure and at least another week to wrap. Over the weekend the snow was a big help in cooling down the lye solution. I wish it had hung around longer.

Meet Huckleberry Honey. Yep. I made it with Betsy's honey and lots of buttermilk. It smells wonderful. It was all I could do to keep myself from tasting it.

This is Pomegranate Geranium and the jury is out on this fragrance sample. Geraniums are weird smelling and I have no idea if pomegranates even have a fragrance but it's got real pomegranate butter in it so it might feel better in the tub than it smells. We'll see.

This is Chocolate Mousse and I know what you are thinking. Ick. Chocolate soap? Cocoa butter in it's natural form smells just like chocolate and I've become a big fan. This one is full of creamy cocoa butter and coconut milk so I've got high hopes for it. It might just be the thing for what ails you come February.

 Last month's fragrance sample was Lavender Woods. I really like this one. It's lavender but with something earthy added. Interesting.

 Love Spell is an old favorite. It's a Victoria's Secret knock off that smells like Valentine's Day to me. The Mister gave me a bottle of it ages ago and I remember that particular Valentine's Day fondly. Oh, to be young again.

Mediterranean Fig is my all time favorite fragrance. It's nothing like figs but it's yummy. I didn't spare the goat's milk or the yogurt on these last three batches since I needed to use it up. I can't wait for these to cure.

So...if you got some holiday soap from me, use it up. Between these bars (54!) and the 6 more batches I have planned next week when new supplies arrive, I am going to need some homes to send it to. Come February 1st, watch this space!


  1. Huckleberry soap! And here I thought you were kidding when I sent it! How cool is that? I think the chocolate soap sounds wonderful. Anything chocolate gets my vote. :-)

  2. Wow! They all sound delicious to me...and they are so pretty. Little works of art.

    I woke up to another inch or so of snow!

  3. That's a LOT of soap!!!! Looks like you are having fun at the soap pot!!!

  4. I've never thought Geraniums smelled very good...
    But Chocolate soap - oh yeah, Im down with that@

  5. Wow, incredible fragrance choices! Yummy!
    We need to scrub away to be ready!

  6. How come we all benefit from your work and generosity! Hope Santa is extra good to you

  7. These look like your best soaps yet!
    I did save a holiday bar to use for this season, so that's will make an appearance in our shower this week.

  8. Those soaps are gorgeous! I bet they smell very yummy.