Saturday, December 9, 2017

Some Spinning and a Surprise

 I like to spin while I watch TV and my lack of spinning shows that I am in a show hole. I had been plying some singles that I finished while watching Mindhunter on Netflix but it ended before the singles did.

 I ended up plying along to some of the worst holiday movies cable has to offer. Thank goodness I have good movies on DVD but the DVD player is on the TV in the card making room and there is no room for a wheel in that mess.

Those singles are from this fiber I picked up at the SVFF. It's Merino and silk from Dragonfly fibers in the festival colorway. It's been a real pleasure to work with.

 It got a good soak and a twacking. The silk in it makes it very soft but very odd feeling. It feels a bit like cotton.

It turned out nicely but there's not much yardage. It's going to be a challenge to find a project for it.

 Then there is Finely.  I've been spinning this same fleece for three years now.

 And there is still so much more to do. Finley is a Shetland fleece I picked up somewhere or other. I've got no real plans for it other than get it done. I think my big fleece washing days are over. I don't have the attention span anymore to spin the same thing over and over.

My handspun knitting project is coming along slowly but surely. My goal is to always be knitting something with yarn I have spun. I've got to use up this tub of handspun one way or another or there's no point in spinning anymore, right?

Finally, look at what showed up in the mail. Surprise! Yummy Huckleberry goodies all the way from Washington State plus an adorable needle holder that went right into good use.  You just know I am going to have to design a Huckleberry Honey soap now for spring. Thanks so much Betsy-you've inspired a project!


  1. I just love your hand spun yarn. Those singles are gorgeous. So glad you got the package. That was fast! I thought you might enjoy some of our local goodies. Also glad you like the needle holder. My sewing skills are nothing in comparison to yours. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Beautiful spun yarn-the silk and merino might make a good pair of fingerless mitts!
    I get bored with the white fleece like Finely-I sympathize! Shetland is an incredible spin, though.

  3. Such beautiful colors! I think I could look at yarn forever and be happy!

  4. I think that yarn in small yardage has great possibilities. I see a hat with some stripes of it. Say a green base that matches your green in the spin up. I could see a fair isle hat too. Use a solid base and that gorgeous yarn for the colorwork part. Betsy is a love!!

  5. The Dragonfly Fibers yarn spun up beautifully. Maybe you can add it to something else to make a project. It's too lovely to not be knit up.

  6. The Dragonfly yarn is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it.
    And your handspun shawl is also coming along beautifully. I'd love know what pattern that is.

    1. It's Pimpelliese. I've made it several times with handspun.

  7. Pretty yarns! There's a new season of The Crown on Netflix. Maybe that will help you get some spinning done!

  8. Your spinning is beautiful. Betsy is the best!