Sunday, December 24, 2017

Visions of Sugar Plums

 I had planned on spending the day sewing down the binding on Daddio's Christmas quilt but I forgot I had some holiday baking to do.

 I've got a real authentic plum pudding mold and by golly, I am going to use it. I know I should have made it weeks ago so it could age but I forgot.

 I also had mince pies to make. I found this coconut oil that is supposed to work like butter for baking and gave it a try.

 It was awful. I struggled through the pie crusts but tossed the cookie dough and remade it with a mix of Crisco and margarine.

 The pies look promising. They are my Christmas breakfast each year. I use the jar of mincemeat in case you are wondering. I've never made mincemeat in my life and I'm not really sure what it is. I just know I like it.

Rolling cookies was no fun. It was hot and humid and it rained so nothing was behaving like it should.

I used the leftover dough to make some Mexican wedding cakes and they are really yummy. Messy but yummy.

Ta da.....plum pudding all dressed up. I used Jamie Oliver's Nan's recipe this year. Right now it is resting comfortably back in it's tin after a nice bath of brandy. It will be for Christmas night when we return home from seeing the Grands.

In between baking tasks I also knocked out some gift tags since The Mister couldn't find the ones he bought. He was doing all the wrapping while I was doing the baking. Thank goodness because I am about Christmased out. I did finish the poinsettia mini quilt late last night while watching Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol but that's a tale for another day. Whew...


  1. Wow! You sure got a lot of baking done. I’m impressed. My Mom used to make mince pies but I have no idea what they are and have never attempted a plum pudding either. Yours looks wonderful. Well done!

  2. It all looks wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  3. Whew is right!!! You were busy!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. I''LL BE right over. YOU have outbaked yourself. WOWZA. Im impressed friend!

  5. Your desserts look fabulous! Isn't it funny how weather can affect a recipe. I notice it especially with pie crusts.

  6. Everything looks so yummy and delicious!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Mary S

  7. Nothing works like Crisco-you tried.
    Everything looks great; I grew up with mincemeat pies for Christmas!