Saturday, December 23, 2017

Not a Creature Was Stirring

 It's been like an episode of the Midnight Quilt Show around here all week.

 In order to get my holiday projects done I have had to burn the midnight oil.

 There were a few glitches along the way but all in all it was a pleasure. I love the new Juki. Quilting was done in a flash. I meandered the heck out of the log cabin and echoed the poinsettias while I enjoyed listening to Jacob T. Marley from Audible.

 Now I've got Daddio's big Christmas quilt and the mini quilt all ready for an epic hand sewing session to get all that binding sewn down. I've got nothing to do all weekend and The Crown to binge watch so I've got pretty high hopes that I just may get these done before Christmas.

I also want to thank Sandflies for the sweet treat that showed up a few days ago. It was the fuel that kept me going on my late night sewing frenzies. What perfect timing. How nice it is to have such wonderful bloggy friends. Thanks again Sandflies!


  1. Wow! Those quilts are gorgeous. You are so talented my friend. And what a sweet gift that your friend sent you. Merry Christmas!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. They're really coming to life! Nice fuel to keep you going!

  3. Are the poinsettias EPPd? They're gorgeous. I love the striped sashing and binding. Nice job.

    1. They are. 3/4 inch honeycombs. So easy and fun.

  4. Beautiful work.
    Someday I'm going to fly out for quilting lessons!

  5. I love poinsettias! Good job DEB!!! Mrs claus is impressed

  6. Your w
    hard work has paid off, the quilts are beautiful. I was thinking of watching The Crown during the holidays. I am working three days each week but should be able to squeeze in a few hours. Merry Christmas.