Monday, December 4, 2017


 On Saturday we had a choice either to finish the drywall in the bathroom or attend the holiday parade.

 The parade won.

 It was three hours of non stop local hilarity.

 Otters on a golf cart. That's Bubble and Squeak right there. You don't get better than that.

 Well maybe you do. The train museum float was pretty awesome.

 Pink flamingos and blow up pelicans. Wow.

 Hi there, Mr. Gingerbread Man! They were all slinging candy. Tons of candy and beads.

 The Red Hat Society rode in on a big herd motorcycles. Those ladies know how to live.

 The town players are ready for this year's A Christmas Carol. The Ghost of Christmas Future was pretty scary.

 Awwww.....Nigerian Pygmy Goats were walking with some Wise Men. There were several. So cute and sweet.

 Nothing says Christmas more than some Kung Foo Fighting.

 Here he comes.....I am a kid when I see that truck coming. Such memories. He came right up our street on Christmas Eve when I was a kid.

 Santa!!!! The kids were lined up around the block, literally, to get a chance to sit on the big guys lap.

 There was also a holiday craft market...

 ....and marshmallows for toasting on the beach.

It was cold but I got a pineapple Dole Whip. The little shop just opened and I wanted to support it. I want it to be around this summer when it will be quite the treat on a hot day. I love this stuff.

As for that drywall, it can wait. It's December!


  1. The parade only comes around once ....yeah, the drywall will still be there. LOL

    That was a pretty good-looking Santa.

  2. I absolutely loved the pictures of your parade! And Olaf was there! I just love Olaf! Those goats were pretty precious to though. And you’re right of course. The drywall can wait. You don’t get to see a parade like that every day.
    Blessings always,

  3. Good choice on the day! The parade looks like fun-our town still has the firetruck go around our rural roads sirens blaring and Santa waving. The pineapple dish looks yummy!

  4. I would have picked the parade too.. and I dont even like parades!

  5. I would choose a parade over drywall anyday too. You made the right choice!!

  6. That looks awesome! I love the marshmallow roasting on the beach thing, not happening in our neck of the woods. By the time you were done giving the parade tour I had forgotten all about the drywall thing - ugh, it will be there next year :)

  7. I loved the parades we had when we lived in Wisconsin years ago. It is much to busy here for that where I live now, I miss them.