Sunday, December 3, 2017

Reflecting Light

I didn't get to make merry at home on  Friday but that night was the holiday lighting ceremony for the boardwalk and pier.

Even before they flipped the switch the place looked amazing. We don't go down very often after dark. We should.

We walked down to the koi pond park while we were waiting for the countdown. It was already lit like a fairyland.

I wonder what all those big fish think of all the colors reflected in their pond.

Gilmore fans, what does this remind you of?

I took my phone out and played the song that Luke and Lorelai danced to at their wedding and The Mister and I had a whirl around the gazebo while no one was watching.

I could have danced in the gazebo all night but that's not what we came for.  We watched the big moment from the pier as the high school orchestra played carols and the little kids ran around the big tree looking for Santa. They have to wait though. He's coming tomorrow afternoon for a bonfire on the beach. The fire department is bringing him on a fire truck. Makes sense.


  1. How fun! The festivities sound absolutely wonderful. I especially liked picturing you and the Mister dancing around the gazebo. So romantic. I love it!!!!

  2. How wonderful that you two snuck a dance in!!!! Gazebos mean Sound of Music to me and the Groundhog day movie !! We went to the lake geneva light parade last night. On land not sea. Lots of decorated pontoon boats, ski boats on trailers and many draft horses pulling happy singing folk!

  3. Love that picture of you and the Mister...and love that you danced. What a wonderful evening!

  4. What a nice evening together! Looks magical...

  5. What fun! You are so lucky to live where you do, it is a special place.