Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mr. Chill

 I packed away Mr. Turkey and ordered a Christmas rug pattern.

 While I am waiting for it I decided to kit up Mr Chill. He is for January. He was the first pattern I ever bought. In fact he was the reason I wanted to take up rug hooking in the first place. Isn't he just adorable?

 He's been languishing because he is a paper pattern and it's a process to get him onto the material.

 I am using this. I have had it for ages too.

 You have to transfer the paper pattern to nylon net and then transfer it onto the burlap. It's not hard. It just means digging out a lot of stuff and I'm kind of lazy that way.

Now that he is done I have to cut up the strips. This part I like- although my wool stash is getting mighty small especially in the lighter colors I need for snow. Etsy here I come.


  1. He IS cute! I need to find a nice project. My first rug hooking attempt was not very successful. And wool. Where do you buy it?

  2. He is just the right sized project for your cold snap! Nice work transferring the drawing!

  3. He is a very attractive snowman! I really love the look of that pattern! Yet another craft I've never tried!

  4. That snowman is enough to make me want to make a rug. I love snowmen. I loved the one you sent on your card to me! I have already stamped the note and sent it on to someone to bring them cheer!

  5. Oh I love Mr. Chill. In fact, snowmen are my absolute favorite winter decoration. They are so cute and I can leave them out to enjoy all winter long, unlike most Christmas stuff.

  6. He's very cute and perfect for a holiday project. I can see why he drew you into the rug hooking in the first place.

  7. He is adorable! Have fun!

  8. It's a very cute pattern, but it seems like a lot of work! Embroidery is tough enough, but you have to draw the pattern on as well? sheesh!