Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Card Kit Crazy

I said I wasn't going to buy anymore card kits but look what I went and did. This kit is called Milk and Cookies and it has a Santa. I don't have a Santa. This, of course, will be tucked away until next year's cards but I can still have fun with it until then.

This also followed me home. Look at that sweet little snow covered village. Who could resist it?

These are the cards me and The Mister are mass producing at the moment. It's hard to come up with guy-type Christmas cards for his old post office buddies every year but I think these will work.

Daughter is going to love the skater bears.

I've got lots going on with this Hanukkah card for my former co-worker who taught me how to play dreidle and to make really yummy latkes. The Mister even asked when Hanukkah is this year. He likes those latkes too. Tonight, dear.

And finally I played dress up with some snowmen once again for two friends that I haven't seen in a while. I can certainly say I've made good use of the card kit collection this year-and it's been fun.


  1. Oh my goodness! I adore them all but especially the snowmen. I love snowmen. :-) I wish I knew how to make cards although I really do not need another hobby. Hubby would mutiny.

  2. All of those cards are just so darling. I love the skating bears!!

  3. Those cards are really creative, especially the ones for the post office workers! There are so many little details!

  4. I love the story of the Chanukah lights too. !!!! your cards are just wonderful. They really are

  5. These cards are just beautiful. Super duper cute.The Hannukah card is my favorite, because hello funny joke!

  6. You HAD to buy those things ... one had a Santa and the rest were just too darn CUTE! You do the most amazing cards.

    Hope the Mr. got his latkes!

  7. Your cards are so amazing. I just love them.