Saturday, December 2, 2017

Merry Interrupted

 I was so looking forward to December 1st. I was going to spruce up the house with all my holiday doo dads and change out the fall linens and pillow covers but yesterday something wasn't right. Everything looked wrong. I couldn't figure out what it was until I changed out the front curtains and was SUN. It was shining in all the windows. The leaves are gone.

 The problem was that everything looked a Dingy. I clean all summer. I swear I vacuum and dust every day without fail but being in the gloom makes it hard to do a good job.

 Now I can see every speck of dust. I won't mention the cobwebs but you can be sure there were cobwebs. Not anymore.

 Instead of making merry, I made like a Merry Maid. Then I had a cuppa and a ginger cookie. Then I had a nap. What I did Friday night I will tell you about tomorrow.


  1. Sun would be nice. We’ve had gloomy skies all week and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and Sunday and be cold and cloudy next week. Yes. I just watched the 10:00 weatherman. :-). I really could use some sunshine. With only abou 6 1/2 full hours of daylight right now, clouds just make it worse.
    I’m sure your house is just fine. We always think our house is worse than it actually is. How’s the bathroom coming along?

  2. Oh, the sun is wonderful until I'm looking everywhere and seeing all the dust the been accumulating for heaven knows how long! Cleaning/vacuuming daily never seems enough on a brightly sunny day. Good on you for taking action!

    1. It happensto me every spring. The angle of the light changes and BAM,I clean for days. Sigh...

  3. I went through the "cleaning storm" just before Thanksgiving. After that I just kind of let it go but you've motivated me to get going! Have a great weekend! BTW love the Christmas cup :)

  4. It's a good time to do a sprucing up because you will be indoors all winter! Nice diversion!

  5. Sun? What's that? You brought some sunshine here in today's mail; thanks so much!

  6. I cleaned all morning too. We have this wood floor cleaner machine that I go a bit nutso with. But then I have that FLAX soap smell that I love. I also love your Holiday china lady!

  7. Hold dust and vacuum daily? Will you please come live with us? We need you!

  8. I need to merry up the house, it's going to be interesting with Burton...

  9. We have so much sun year round I always see dust, even after I have just dusted!